Breathing Correctly While Bench Pressing

Breathing Correctly While Bench Pressing

The proper breathing methods while bench pressing can make a great deal of difference for a maximal efficiency bench press. Practice proper breathing methods if you wish make the most of your bench presses. Read on to learn how you can breath correctly while bench pressing.

To press the maximum weight, expand your chest to the maximum

When your chest is fully expanded, the muscles for bench pressing have the best influence.  Perform a warm up to expand your chest naturally. Retain the warm-up for a short period of time but let it be intensified. Moreover, expand your chest with deep breathing. Thrust the air down to your stomach. Pump up your stomach and chest with each breath as if you were pumping up a bike tire that needs 100 pounds of pressure.  As you continue pumping the tire, it will get harder each time air is pumped into it and this is how it would be with expanding your chest.

After you’ve inflated your chest, your arms will be at your sides and to some extent raised. Your position will be ramrod straight and your chest held high, no other posture will be easy. You must appear like a proud weightlifter – not to show-off but for the reason that this is the position of strength.

While you are pumping up your chest, also think about your technique and psyche yourself for the heavy lifting

  • In the first raising of the bar off your chest: 1) Keep your forearms vertical, 2) use your lats 3) chalk and tense your hands before gripping the bar, 4) let the bar be placed exactly on your palms, 5) fold your strength before the lift, 6) bring down the bar gently, 7) don’t bounce the bar on your chest, and 8) keep expanding your chest.
  • Mid lift mental preparation perform this. Bring your elbows out and tug the bar up with your traps and shoulders.
  • Lockout: 1) push and continue pushing, 2) straighten out your arms, and 3) don’t lose the bar with the horizontal movement.

Unload the weight off the stand and lower it towards your chest when you do this breathe in as you bring the weight towards you

The breathing in here is with your chest fully inflated and here take a few more rapid gulps of air to expand your chest a little bit more

Breathe out strongly with your throat limited to maintain the air in your lungs as you push the weight away from you

Do not fully breathe out – you will drop your strength. Blowing up the heavy barbell off your chest will not be remarkable because the bar will not be moving fast for a spectator.

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