How to Get Rid of Back Fat


Having excess body fat on your back can make you look unattractive and unappealing that will make most people talk behind your back about your back fat. If you suffer from having excessive back fat, then don’t worry.

This fat can be distasteful and ugly as it hangs as a layer of skin on your waistline or preventing you from wearing slim clothes because of your back fat. Having excess fat can also have negative effects on your health. It can cause issues such as problems with your heart, type 2 diabetes and various other harmful metabolic illnesses.

Although there is no quick fix for this, if you are suffering from back fat and have dedication and patience, then you can follow the following simple steps in order to lose fat, including back fat. Within just a few weeks of following these steps, you will notice a significant reduction in your back fat as well other areas of your body.

#1. Reduce your calorie intake

One of the most basic steps you need to take in order to reduce the fat on your back is to drastically cut down on the amount of calories you consume every day. You can lose two pounds in just one week simply by reducing your calorie intake by 500 to 1000 per day.

Be careful not to cut down your caloric intake too quickly. Taper it down over the course of a few days.

#2. Make low calorie foods the norm for you

In order to promote the reduction of fat, you need to adopt a ‘low energy density’ formula in order to take in a less amount of calories even if you eat a of food. Completely, cut out all junk foods from your diet. Instead, start eating lean meats, fruits and vegetables as part of your usual diet.

#3. Start a cardio regimen

You should research about cardiovascular training as a method that is well organized and is gauranteed to burn calories very effectively and healthily. It is a great way to burn calories, especially eliminating the excess on your back. Seriously think about regularly starting some other physical activities, such as; biking, swimming, running or jogging, climbing stairs, taking up karate or some other martial art, etc etc.

Once you have found your physical activity that you can get passionate about, stick to that every day without missing a single day. Do this cardiovascular activity for 30 to 90 minutes every day, depending on what type of activity you are doing. However, keep in mind that you should not over-do any of the activities that you do. That could have negative effects on your heart or some other organ.

#4. Do exercises for your back

There are certain exercises that you can do that focus specifically on your back. It is simple and you can do it almost anywhere and at any time. Do these exercises at your own convenience. Some of these exercises include; leg raises, bent over rows, lat pull downs, back extensions, the Russian twist, bike crunches, etc etc.

Once you have ascertained that you can do these exercises, do them for 2 to 4 days without a break in between, in order to get rid of the fat on your back as quickly as possible.

#5. Manage your stress

People who are tensed and suffer from tension and other stress related issues should try to control their stress levels. This is because being more stressed out tends to make a certain percentage of the population want to go on an eating binge. Thus, all that food that you over eat will accumulate in your stomach.

There are various ways to manage your stress and keep them low. You can try meditation and mindfulness exercises throughout the day, in order to remain calm and centered. You can also consult your doctor and get prescriptions for some psychiatric medications that may be able to help you remain stress free.

Apart from over eating while stressed, stress also reduces your productivity at your job. So in order to live a stable life, you need to learn a way to manage the stress using any method that works for you.

#6. Use the following homemade remedies to get rid of back fat

There are various concoctions that you can make in the comfort of your own kitchen and you will notice a noticeable and significant reduction in your back and other fat, if you drink the remedy every day as t is intended to be drank as.

  • Lemon juice and honey

Take some lemons and squeeze all their juice into a glass of water. Make sure to warm up the water a bit, before pouring the lemon juice into it. Then add some pure honey to the mixture and mix and stir it well until the honey has dissolved completely in the lemon juice and water.

Make enough to last you a month. Drink this honey and lemon solution every morning, while it is early. Drink it before you drink or eat anything else.

  • Mint leaves

Mint leaves are an essential food item that break down your body fats and burns it up. Go find some mint leaves growing naturally and pick them yourself and then thoroughly wash them with water.

Put the leaves into a small container that can be heated. Pour cold water into this container. Then put the container on top of your stove and turn it on at low heat settings. Wait patiently until it begins to boil. Let the mixture boil for 3 to 6 minutes, allowing the useful and healthy ingredients in the mint leaves to extracted due to the boiling heat.

Drink this tea every morning before you eat anything.

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