How to Get Rid of Double Chin


Double Chin and Its Causes

A double chin occurs when a subcutaneous sheet of fat around your neck sags and wrinkles are formed. Many families suffer from a hereditary predisposition to them. Some families naturally retain too much water in the area below their lips and certain other areas where water is stored. Age can be counted upon as another main cause.

A person who is more conscious about his physical appearance and looks definitely does not want to have a double chin.. There are many ways to get rid of your double chin. It may be done either by hiding it with makeup or by having a cosmetic surgery but there are also some natural ways to get rid of it which not only save you from complicated methods but are also relatively inexpensive and more reliable.

Chin Exercises

If you visit a doctor, he will certainly tell you about some exercises that can remove your double chin, apart from the option of surgery. Obviously, no one would like to go for a cosmetic surgery when you can get the same results easily with some exercises.

Countless people have found relief from double chin problems by doing exercises designed to eradicate the double chin. Basically, there are four double chin exercises and all of which can be found on this website. Double chin exercises are exercises which are geared to increase the muscle structure below the chin and in the upper neck area. As in any other part of the body, when muscles are increased, fat is decreased A few of these exercises are mentioned below,

The Kiss

The first thing you need to do is to tilt your head back and look towards the ceiling. Now, pucker your lips and “kiss the ceiling”. You need to hold the kiss for five seconds. Just relax your lips and return your head to a neutral position. This must be repeated at least 15 times.

Stick it out

Open your mouth wide while facing forward. Now, stick your tongue out slowly until it is as far out as possible and count till 5. Return the tongue to your mouth over another five count. This must be repeated 10 times.

Jaw Jut

You first need to tilt your head back and look towards the ceiling. To feel a stretch under the chin, you need to push your lower jaw forward. Now hold the jaw jut and count till 10.Relax your jaw and return your head to a neutral position.Repeat this process 10 times.

Neck Roll

While standing, drop your chin forward to your chest. Now, slowly rotate your head to the right. Hold your head and count till 5.Slowly rotate your head back down so that your chin is to your chest.Continue to rotate your head to the left. Hold your head for a five count and repeat this process for 30 seconds.

Changing Your Diet Plan

Many people when suffered from a double chin have been making a couple of dietary changes. These changes have also proved helpful to a great extent. These helpful changes are as follows:

  • If you are taking higher fat meats such as beef as intake, you need to change it to lower fat meets such as chicken. This would probably prove to be very helpful in reducing your double chin as the fat level would reduce.
  • If you are using butter, you need to quit using it too and instead use a butter substitute.
  • And probably the most important of all is that you need to increase the intake of water as it will help you reduce the fat level in your chin too.


Other than these basic things, no dietary changes seem to help in slimming down the face, unless of course, the double chinned person needs to slim down altogether. However, as we have already stated this is not always the case.In truth, double chins and expansive waistlines don’t always go hand in hand.

 Weight Loss

For losing your weight, a healthy diet is always recommended along with some regular exercise. The same combination can help you get rid of the double chin. You must include casual exercises like running, swimming or cycling in your daily routine. These exercises are really helpful in reducing not only your weight but your double chin as well. 

Improving Your Posture

This is a problem that is common amongst many of us, especially children. Bad postures like hunching and slouching while sitting in front of the computer and while reading a book in bed contributes to saggy skin and fat accumulation. So, it is very important to not only keep your back straight but your chin up as well. Having a good posture will automatically reduce your double chin and make it less visible.

To recap, if you lower the fat intake in the diet, it would prove to be helpful in eradicating the larger fat cells which become most apparent in the face and look ugly. Drinking water always has beneficial effects in burning the fat off of fatty areas of the body but it must be kept in mind that the person should not be overeating at the same time.


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