How to Spot Fake Contact Lenses

How to Spot Fake Contact Lenses

Your eyes are very sensitive and you should take great care of them. People often use contact lenses to replace glasses, but you have to make sure that they are not fake. Fake contact lenses could affect your eyes and could lead to blindness. Read these basic tips that will help you avoid purchasing pair of fake contact lenses, and save your money, ultimately avoiding any damage.

1. Spelling mistakes

Look out for punctuation errors and spelling mistakes on the package boxes. If you find any such mistake, the product is most likely to be a cheap counterfeit.

2. Font size

You can check the authenticity of the product by checking the font size in which any text is written on the box or the manual inside the box. If it is fake, the text would be blurry and usually poorly written.

3. Color pigment

The original contact lenses have the color pigment on the exterior while the pigment will be on the inside if the lenses are fake.

4. Labels

Check the labeling on the container of the lenses. It should not look clumsy and should be neat. You can also compare a fake with an original to find out that they are not the same and not uniformly labelled as they have been done by hand. You should also check the label design, as it might not also match as that of the original.

5. The cap

Every contact lens manufacturer have a different way of capping their containers and they use certain unique symbols to indicate the authenticity of their product. Most fake can’t duplicate and don’t have this feature. So, you should compare both products and see the difference.

6. Conclusion

These are a few basic steps to identify fake contact lenses. You should purchase your contact lenses from reliable store. Also, seek medical advice before you purchase contact lenses.

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