3 Things That Are Making Your Depression Worse

3 Things That Are Making Your Depression Worse

Depression isn’t something anyone chooses to suffer from, but in most cases, it can be managed or alleviated. This condition is much more than just feeling down, as it is caused by changes in brain chemistry that can arise from changes in hormone levels, genetics, certain medical conditions, stress or difficult life circumstances. While controlling depression is possible, it can also be worsened if not managed properly, which is dangerous for your health as it may cause harm to your self or to others. Below are some ways that you can inadvertently make it worse.

1. Social media habits

“Facebook depression” is a recently discovered phenomenon that arises as a result of not getting enough “likes” on posts as hoped for. Social media has also been linked with excessive digital activity, which can be related to feelings of isolation and can also cause social anxiety. A lot of people show off happy lives on social media and this may make you think less of yourself. Meanwhile, they are probably going through difficult times themselves and don’t show that on their social media.

Not all lives are as perfect as they are painted to be on the internet, so when you begin to compare yourself with other people’s intelligence or way of life on the internet, it can cause you to become depressed. If social media begins to make you feel sad or incompetent, it might just be time to take a break from it. Deactivate your Facebook account and other any other social media platforms you may be a part of.

2. The weather

Studies have shown that some feel depressed in the winter when there is less daylight than in summer, which has been linked to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If you feel better when it is sunny outside, then make sure to get plenty of sunlight to help improve your mood. You can expose yourself to sunlight early in the morning to have a more pleasant day.

3. How you sleep

Lack of adequate sleep can negatively affect the health, and unfortunately, it is one of the significant symptoms of depression. Depression changes your sleep patterns and can lead to poor sleep. It only gets worse when you stay up every night and not attempt to fall asleep at all. To improve your sleeping routine, shut down all of your electronic devices and all bright lights a few hours before bedtime, and also keep track of when you sleep and wake up on a daily basis.

Anyone with depression will want to snap out of it as soon as possible, and getting more depressed won’t make it any better.

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