4 Foods That You Should Never Eat for Breakfast

4 Foods That You Should Never Eat for Breakfast

Eating breakfast will give you a more nutritionally complete diet, increased nutrients, vitamins, minerals, improved concentration and performance, more strength and endurance and also help to boost your immune system. While breakfast may be a very important meal of the day that directly influences your health, what you eat should also be kept into consideration. Here are some foods that you should never eat for breakfast.

1. Breakfast sandwiches bought in stores1

Some meals are at their best when you make them on your own. Most of the meals sold in stores have been packed with a lot of sodium, preservatives and unhealthy fats that are dangerous for your health. Although these additives are used to preserve the meal, they can take a serious toll on your health. Sodium, for example, can cause water retention if it is taken in excess, and this can lead to obesity and cardiovascular defects. This is why it is recommended to eat more home-made meals and less or none of those meals that you can buy in stores.

2. Flavored yogurt2

This might sound really surprising to you,because yogurt is definitely on your list for healthy meals. Yes, yogurt is healthy for you, but it is also important that you know that not all fermented dairy foods are created equal. Flavored yogurts have as much sugar as the other snacks that you ignore in your quest to stay fit and healthy, and this may increase your risk of weight gain. Instead, you should go for plain low-fat yogurts with fruit toppings.

3. Green juice3

Vegetables are known for their antioxidant benefits. They are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals that benefit the body in many positive ways. However, green juice isn’t as healthy as fresh vegetables, as it has a high level of sugar owing to the fruits added to sweeten them up. Instead, go for one that’s low in sugar, to get its benefits without causing a spike in your blood sugar level.

4. Toast with a buttery spread4

Now, it is likely that you don’t know much about the butter you use for your breakfast. You could use a whole wheat bread, which is healthy, but it won’t be an ideal breakfast if you mix in an unhealthy buttery spread. Margarine and butter spreads are a rich source of trans fat, which are known to raise LDL cholesterol levels and significantly increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. You can add a little real butter to your whole grain bread to have an ideal breakfast if you must eat a toast for breakfast.

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