4 Surprising Flat-Belly Foods

4 Surprising Flat-Belly Foods

You probably envy those celebrities or fitness models with flat bellies, or perhaps you are reluctant to don your bikini at the beach because you feel intimidated by how flat other people’s bellies are as compared to you. Either you are overweight or you are bloated (a temporary abdominal distention or intestinal gas) What you eat on a regular basis can determine if your belly size increases or reduces. Keep reading to learn about some of the flat-belly foods that you should take more often.

1. Salmon1

Salmon helps greatly in losing belly fat, as it contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, and vitamin D deficiency have been linked to obesity. Salmon also provides important amounts of the antioxidant amino acid taurine, and is also an excellent source of vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, phosphorus and vitamin B6, all of which helps to improve health.

2. Olive oil2

Olive oil contains healthy mono-unsaturated fats that could switch on genes linked to the burning and storage of fat. The mono-unsaturated fats also help to lower the risk of heart disease and also controls the blood sugar level, which in turn, curbs hunger and helps you slim down. A good quality olive oil contains many important vitamins and nutrients and is loaded with useful antioxidants. The ideal serving size is one tablespoon, which contains around 120 calories.

3. Asparagus3

Asparagus is a delicious vegetable packed with numerous health benefits. It also helps greatly in weight loss, and compared to other green vegetables, it serves a triple duty in its anti-bloating effects. It is also a rich source of fiber which makes you feel full quickly and for longer durations. It also contains folate, vitamin A, C, E and K, and also chromium (a trace mineral that enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells).

“First, it’s a source of pre-biotics, which support the growth of ‘good’ bacteria to help maintain a healthy balance in the digestive system to prevent and/or reduce gas. It also contains soluble and insoluble fibers to promote the overall digestive health as well as natural anti-inflammatory substances to reduce GI irritation,” says Cynthia Sass, RDN.

4. Greek yogurt4

Greek yogurt has about 20% of the calcium that you need daily, and it also provides twice the amount of filling proteins for weight control, as compared to the regular kind of yogurt. It contains probiotics, which are good bacteria that aid in digestion and prevent gas and bloating, and they also contain less lactose, so it’s favorable for those who are lactose-intolerant.

Incorporate these foods into your regular meal plan and cut down on fatty foods that may be adding to your belly size.

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