7 Ways to be a Gentleman


You might consider yourself to be a delectable example of manliness, however, if you do not have the traits of a gentleman, you will not be able to get together with a real lady. To learn how to be a true gentleman, read the tips given in this article, and in no time at all, you will be attracting women left and right. The tips presented here were gathered from the experiences and accumulated wisdom of men and women and should be adequate enough to get you started killing it in the field of relationships.

#1. Be confident

Confidence is an essential trait for any gentleman to possess. It is a universal truth that women love a man who is confident. A confident man instills feelings of security and reliability within a woman. A man who is not confident and has low self esteem will give off vibrations that reflect this lack of confidence, and this in turn will destroy any chances of succeeding in romantic relationships with women.

Even if you don’t think that you can genuinely become confident overnight, you have to strive to give off the feeling that you are sure of yourself and don’t have low self esteem. You can do this by simpy pretending to be confident to start with. Over time, this will become less of an act and more of a reality and eventually, women will want nothing less than what you can give them.

#2. There are plenty of fish in the sea

Even after you have developed enough confidence and high self esteem, you may find yourself facing rejection after rejection from a number of women. You should not let this bring you down. Consider every rejection as training to learn how to approach women and how to deal with rejection.

Always keep in mind that there are always plenty of fish in the sea. It is only a matter of probability and math. If you approach a hundred women, it is almost guaranteed that one to ten women will accept your advances. So never lose hope and keep approaching women. Eventually you will develop enough skills in approaching and closing the deal that you will stop getting rejections. A point may well come when you will be the one who is rejecting women left and right, selecting only the highest quality of women to have relationships with.

#3. Dress smart

Your appearance is of utmost importance when you are trying to approach women for a relationship. Wear clothes that are smart yet casual at the same time. Don’t wear shabby and bad looking clothes. However, don’t go overboard as you might come across as too desperate if you approach women wearing a suit and tie and a fedora. Just wear clothes that reflect your self confidence, while at the same time expressing your casualness.

#4. Indicate your interest

It is a fact of life that it is the male of any species, whether it is human or animal, who has to take the first step towards starting a romantic relationship. This means that you will have to take the first step and initiate contact with the woman you want to get to know better.

This consists of indicating your interest through various methods. These methods can include holding eye contact, opening conversation with her and emotionally validating her. This is a sign of being a true gentleman.

#5. Be gentle

The golden rule states that you should treat other people the way you want them to treat you. The same applies to being a gentleman. You do not have to pretend to be rough and rude in order to convince women that you are a ‘man’. A real man is confident and self assured enough to come off as being manly without going overboard.

If you do make the mistake of going overboard in trying to express your ‘manliness’, women will instinctively pick up on this and will be repulsed by your desperation to act as someone that you are not. So make sure that you treat the woman you like with gentleness and respect.

Even after you have won her heart, keep up treating her with respect and gentleness. By treating her like a lady, you may upgrade from simply having a girlfriend to having a wife, a companion for life.

#6. Be considerate to Aunt Irma

In case you don’t know, ‘Aunt Irma’ is popular slang for the period of time during which a women is on her periods. The woman with whom you have a close relationship might be open with you about when she is on her periods, or she might be bashful and may try to hide when she is on them. If she does hide it, over time, you will learn to pick up on the subtle and not so subtle signs of her being on her periods.

When you know that Aunt Irma is visiting, you need to be even more of a gentleman than usual. You need to be aware that her emotions will run wild during this period and her hormonal fluctuations will cause her to behave erratically and with a lack of emotional stability.

Arguments and outbursts will be common during this period. Instead of fighting back, you need to keep in mind that she is on her periods and you will have to try extra hard to defuse any fights. Be patient and gentle and wait for Aunt Irma to leave before you let your guard down.

#7. Honesty is the best policy

A true gentleman is always honest with his woman. If you are truly faithful to her, you will never have the need to hide anything from her. If she asks you to provide her with the details of your day, don’t avoid that conversation. Although she might be clingy and interfering in your, just understand that it is because she really cares for you.

While you should always be honest and transparent with her, it is important that you set some boundaries. While you shouldn’t hide things from her, you don’t need to tell her every single detail about your day to day life. Just tell her enough to keep her satisfied during the time that you two are apart. When you meet up with her, you can fill her in on the details she wants to know about.

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