Accommodating a Vegetarian Guest at a Holiday Dinner


Hosting a big holiday dinner like thanksgiving, can really be a hectic task to undertake. Bring in a special accommodation for the lifestyle of one of your guests, and you might just find yourself at nerve’s end. With the celebration being highlighted around eating a large meat roast such as a turkey, vegetarians are usually left out. If you have a vegetarian guest that will be present with you this year, and you have no idea what to serve, read on.

Ask the vegetarian guest what they will eat

There are several types of vegetarians: classic vegetarians, Ovo-Lacto vegetarians, pescetarians, vegans, fruitarians, raw vegans and flexitarians. Find out what your guest wants to eat on Thanksgiving that makes him/her comfortable. If they show concerns about worrying you, assure them that it is no problem at all, despite the fact that it might be. Some vegetarians will be flexible on that day and will be willing to eat a smaller portion of turkey. Jot down the whole list of things that your guest declare to be their food preferences.

Plan what you will serve

Go over your list to make sure you won’t by mistake offer them something they won’t eat. Shun the thoughts about merely filling their plate with the vegetable side dishes and get away with it. Precise protein-rich items such as peas, beans, lentils, and nuts, together with, for many, eggs and dairy products, are as essential to a nourishing, satiating vegetarian diet as meat is to an omnivorous diet. And the absence of a decorative main dish may come off as thoughtless.

Educate yourself on their specific dietary restrictions

For instance, if your guest is vegan, don’t put any animal product, which includes dairy, honey and gelatin. Read tags and cooking information prudently before you buy and cook anything. Do not go for anything that says “may contain” or “processed on equipment that also processes” contained by a food that they said that they will not eat, especially if your guest is a vegetarian for religious reasons or is very opposed to meat.

Time everything carefully

You don’t want to get rid of your vegan guest by making their meal portions before or after the whole thing else is prepared. As you serve your other guest, serve your vegan guest the at the same time.  Make sure you give them the proper plate and silently ask them if what you have served is satisfying for them for the evening.

Eat peacefully

If you ask everybody how their meal is, don’t ask your vegetarian guests separately about how they liked their meal. This is bad-mannered and can be very embarrassing for your vegan guests. If they look uncomfortable, silently ask them if everything is okay. Take care of any worries they show immediately and without making a scene.

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