Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight


Fasting every now and then and hitting the gym are not the answer to your weight problems. Figuring out the right food to eat should be your first and foremost priority when you start losing weight. This will kick start your weight loss process in no time. All you need to do is improve the quality of your food intake. Get an idea about how to understand your body better.

The weight loss process is very simple. You just have to consume lesser calories than your body consumes. For this you’ll need to set an eating routine which allows you to save lesser calories and burn more. When that happens, your process of losing weight will self start. You need more energy rich but low density foods on the kitchen menu from now on. For quick and responsive weight loss procedure, perfect food is a necessity whatever season it may be. In short, a person does not need to starve just to look better in shorts or a swimsuit. This will be your guide of healthy foods under 80 calories that can help with weight loss during any season.

Check out this list of foods that are most beneficial for the body if you want to lose weight.

Vegetable Soup:

Low energy density or water containing meals help people decrease weight faster. Adding water to your food and turning it into a soup is an exemplary way of consuming lesser calories and eating more. Vegetable soups can be the best detox agents. It’s fitting that I utilized the word routine to depict my detox. Throughout my previous years or so I have been doing customary, regular weight loss routines. I appreciate the test and I generally leave away with better dietary patterns as a result of them. They really have turned into a piece of my normal like spring cleaning and get away. An average person adds up to 3 pounds to his body from each winter season. Three pounds times ten years is THIRTY additional pounds. Wow that wasn’t very tricky. It can crawl up so gradually. Utilizing veggie soup in your routine helps in killing all that fat in a short span of time.


Oats will assume a major part in weight loses. Also, well who can’t take oats for a nibble eh? Oats contain a powerful amount of fiber in them making you to feel more full for an amplified time and conjointly help digestion system. Fiber-rich oat suppers keep in your guts for developed hours, fighting off the donut run. You’ll effortlessly have the capacity to sweeten your oats with berries if you wish.


Summer is definitely incomplete without avocados. But knowing more about it will give all the more reason to obesity affected people for trying it out. It’s the special mix of fiber and healthy fats that gives this gem of a fruit its place on the list. Moreover, it also helps fighting diabetes due to its low sugar level.


Cucumber tops the list of all high water veggies. It helps the body stay hydrated and avoids dehydration from masquerading as hunger so that a person doesn’t eat more than he should. Chilled cucumber soup is one of the popular recipes involving this water filled vegetable.


Kale is already among the category of leafy greens which are valuable for a person practicing weight loss. But its seasonal value in summer increases due to its ability of adding a solid dose of fiber to a Greek-yogurt based smoothie. This combo is all the body needs during the hot summer days. There are multiple refreshing summer snacks including kale that neglect the urge of your body for any higher calorie snacks.

Grilled Shrimp/Seafood with Lime:

Completely makes up for a perfect holiday meal in the summers. Shrimp stands out for one of the most suitable summer grilling appetizers. Four sizzling shrimps account to only 76 calories, which is a steal for such food. Along with that, a 3 ounce shrimp serving has 14% amount of the body’s daily iron requirement.


Fish and almost all seafood in general, dispense iodine into our bodies which is vital for a human thyroid.  Salmon is also loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids which promote fat burning by strengthening human metabolism.


Pronounced as Keen-Wah, this is a wholegrain which issues 10 grams of protein and 22 grams of fiber per cup.  It is cooked as any other grain but tops them all with its healthy rating.


Almost all kinds are loaded with fiber, a dieter’s best friend. Being high on antioxidants, berries can be a top choice for their delicious taste for some people as well.

Cottage Cheese:

Dairy products are basically elevated on proteins. Being very Low on calories, cottage cheese is basically just protein with minimal amount of carbohydrates and fat.

Spicy Salsa:

Hot chili peppers are also a good food source during weight loss due to their containment of Capaicinoids, naturally occurring chemicals which lead the person to eating less. Hot salsa contains quite a lot more nutritious vegetables and lesser calories than many other dips. The stuff in chili goes right to your fat cells, hence resulting in a skinnier waistline.


Watermelons are already considered to be a summer treat with their juicy nature. As it is said “half of the watermelon comes from water”. It contains the kind of fiber that shows fat the way out of a human body. The amount of water it contains is highly beneficial for increasing the overall calorie expenditure in the system.


Eggs being the most impeccable source of protein for ages are still your way towards losing extra fat. Highly nutritious, protein packed and the ability to easily makes people feel full makes eggs the most immaculate food source during weight loss.

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