Craft Ideas for Toddlers for Valentine’s Day


Infants between the age of 1 to 2 years are overly sensitive and require particular attention as a matter of routine. Especially on festivals and joyous occasions, they shall be remembered. Valentine’s Day is one of the occasions in which children are always left out. February 14th is a day to celebrate love with your loved ones, and that doesn’t mean only your life partners and spouses. Children as well, must be entertained on this occasion in creative ways.

Designing different valentine crafts for them is a very effective way. There are various types of crafts that are designed particularly to entertain small kids, simple and easy to make at the same time. You can ask your kids to help you out in the crafting which shall make it more fun to do. Children love to be involved with parents in such activities. Below mentioned are a few popular craft ideas for toddlers that will surely make your child’s Valentine’s Day memorable:

Checklist of Equipment:

First of all pick up a notepad and write down everything that comes to your mind according to what you want to create. Short-list all the important materials along with their alternates in case you don’t find them available in the market. Following items shall be on your list.

  • Valentine-themed stickers in different sizes.
  • Foam hearts.
  • Candy hearts.
  • Gift tags of different sizes.
  • Chart papers in red, black and white colors.
  • Glue sticks.
  • Paper tape.
  • Colors- water colors, dry colors, finger paint.

You can utilize different Valentine’s Day offers when buying these products out in the market. There are various valentines’ sales on wall mart and tesco stores. Make sure all products you buy are of high quality.

Craft Projects:

Ask your kids to gather around and display all the equipment you bought on the floor in front of them. Now hand out undecorated cards of the same size and shape among them and ask them to decorate them however they want to. Your kids may design the card for whoever they want, their teachers, friends or family. Teach your children about dealing with stickers and how to paste them properly. They can also learn to paste foam hearts using glue sticks. Hand out coloured or glitter pens to them for writing beautiful messages inside the card for the recipient.

Toddlers can also be amused if they are given the opportunity to decorate valentine gift bags. Cut out hearts of different sizes for this activity and ask your kids to decorate the bag by using them. They can also utilize the ribbon and water colour for decorating the bag and its handle.

You may suggest to the children that they shall decorate different bookmarks with different pencil colours, markers, glitters or stickers. They can write a beautiful message or their name on the bookmarks. This can also be converted into a postcard by adding a memorable picture to it.

Ask the toddlers to dip their hands on different acrylic paints and make their handprints on different collages. This will also fascinate them a lot when they see it in the future as an older person. They can also decorate photo collage with different paper cuttings.



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