Fun Things To Do at a Sleepover


Sleepover parties might be considered something that children and teenagers do. However, you can still have a sleep over party even when you are in your twenties and thirties, provided that you prepare your home well beforehand for the sleepover. Sleepovers can be a great way to have fun and enjoy activities and conversations with close friends. There is no specific reason to hold a sleepover, however, some common reasons birthdays, holidays like new years or Christmas or some other special and personal event.

There is a difference between the type of sleepovers you can have according to the gender of the friends you will be inviting. Will it be a boys night in, or a unisex party with both men/boys and women/girls, or a girls night in? Having these kind of sleepovers during your childhood and teenage years provides a lot of opportunities for people to grow and mature. It doesn’t have to be a well planned event, but you should prepare some kind of activities and entertainments for your friends to enjoy while they are sleeping over at your place. If you miss having sleepovers and want to have that kind of fun again, read on and then call up your friends to tell them the date for the sleepover.

#1. Write a list of friends to invite

This is the initial step in your planning for the sleepover event. Don’t simply invite all your friends. Consider all your friends and their relationships with each other, and if there are any conflicts among some friends, invite them as well as the sleepover could be a good way to reconcile their differences and be close friends again.

Also invite those friends who might not know each other but who you would like to introduce to each other. Just make sure that every single person you invite is a personally close friend of yours. You don’t want to invite someone you barely know to sleep over at your home.

#2. Make invitation cards

This might seem a bit too formal, however, an invitation card will put pressure on those friends of yours who might be hesitant about coming over for the sleepover. By giving these friends a proper invitation card that you made yourself will emotionally pressure them to attend your sleepover.

When you are making the cards, make sure that you put the date and time to arrive at your home. Also add your home address, just in case some of your friends have forgotten where you live. Also write a note in the card explaining what they should personally bring for the sleepover, such as pajamas, their toothbrush, pillow etc.

#3. How to invite your close friends

In order to invite your friends, simply email them the pictures of the cards you made in case you can’t deliver the cards to them personally. Otherwise, just visit your friends who you want to invite and give them the card.

#4. How to conduct the sleepover party

You should plan some fun activities and games for your friends to enjoy while at your home. Arrange your furniture in a way that lets everyone talk to each other in a comfortable way and arrange tables likewise. Alcohol bottles and ashtrays, along with food, should be arranged neatly on the tables.

Set up a good music system as well, in case any of your friends feel like dancing. But if you don’t like loud music, just tell them to dance to loud music for only one or two songs, and then keep the music at a low volume, to provide the background ambiance for all the conversations your friends will be having with you and each other.

If you want to add more fun physical activities, you can prepare a twister party, or beer pong etc. The number of activities and their type should be according to the personalities and tastes of your friends, in order to make it a memorable night.

If you follow the above tips, you are bound to have a smashing success of a sleepover party. It can be an excellent opportunity for friends to socialize after a long time of not having seen each other. After university life is over, these kinds of sleepovers stop existing, so if you arrange one for close friends long after they have separated after university, then it will be an excellent chance to catch up and bond with them.

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