High School Science Fair Projects


If you are a high school student that likes to be creative and do new experiments, school science fair is the platform for you to showcase what you can do. You don’t have to be a science lover particularly to perform well at this event; you can be productive just by using your creativity and a few simple tools. There are various categories in the field of science so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Keep in mind that your project should be easy to understand yet unique at the same time. It doesn’t require a lot of money in creating a good science project. You can easily find cheap and easy to find science equipment from any market nearby.

My catalogue of science projects here contains multiple interesting high school science fair projects that you can choose from. The basics of each project are given here:

#1. Fruit Battery Science Project:

All the fruits that contain citric acid are perfect conductors of electricity. They cannot generate electricity by themselves but they can transmit electricity perfectly by letting it pass through them. However, little amounts of electricity can be made out by using citrus fruits in series with another circuit. In this project, your task is to light an electric bulb by utilizing the current from an orange or lemon.

#2. Create Electricity From Static Charge:

In this project, you’ll be demonstrating to the crowd how electricity can be generated from the human body. You shall be able to understand and describe the difference between static charge and current once you are done with this project.

#3. Demonstrate a Volcanic Eruption:

You can give demo of a real life volcanic eruption. Use a water bottle and cover it in mud portraying it as a volcanic mountain. Fill the bottle with vinegar leaving about two inches of space on the top. Put red colour in the vinegar to make it look like lava. Now for the eruption, put in a spoon of ENO into the mountain or insert citric juice. Due to the chemical reaction, foam will be created and the volcano will appear to be erupting.

#4. Strong Water + Concrete Combo:

This is the project for you if you are interested in construction or building new stuff. There is no need to worry as you won’t be doing any labour in this project. You can complete this task in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is join water and concrete together in proper ratios and demonstrate how a whole new level of strength can be achieved.

#5. Solar Water Heater:

One tiny solar panel is all you’ll require to create this unique science project. In this demo, you’ll be demonstrating to the people how a simple water bottle can be utilized to store energy. It can be done in less than half an hour and doesn’t require any high tech equipment.

#6. Small Greenhouse Project:

Greenhouses are important components of our eco system these days. They are the top rescuers for our plants in the fall season. You can create a greenhouse and tell people how it saves our plants in winters along with its importance in our lives.

#7. How Fertilizers Speedup Plant Growth:

This experiment will make clear the immaculate importance that fertilizers hold in our agricultural system. You shall demonstrate how fertilizers impact the growth of different types of plants. You can use fresh plants on your desk to tell how they were affected.

#8. Music & Growth of Plants:

This may come as a shock to many but yes music can have a positive effect on growth of plants. It would be wonderful that for once when your parents will ask you to lower the music volume, you can reply about how you’re doing something positive with it. This project will simply demonstrate the scientific reasoning behind fast growth of plants in a musical environment.

#9. Explain Acid Rain’s Negative Effects:

In areas with higher levels of air pollution, rain dissolves various harmful gasses before reaching us on the ground. This rain is scientifically referred as acidic rain. This acid can have negative effects on all kinds of living things. A considerable percentage of people are unaware of this harmful weather factor. This is your chance to create awareness among people about this phenomenon along with a precaution manual.

image couresy: bumc.bu.edu, youtube.com.

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