How to Cook Brown Rice


Rice is very helpful for our metabolism and improve the digestive system instantly. The point of discussion here is brown rice; these are healthy and tasty as compared to regular rice. There is an obvious difference of colour, taste and characteristics if compared with regular rice. It is considered to be a very well known alternative because of the medical benefits it offers to our body.

Cooking method for brown rice is also different because of the different texture of brown rice. I’ll be guiding you through the procedure of how you can cook brown rice perfectly. The advantages of brown rice are pretty similar to those of whole wheat bread. Follow the steps below to enjoy perfect brown rice in your next meal.

Wash it All:

Before you start mixing ingredients together, make sure you wash all the equipment involved in the cooking. From utensils to all the ingredients and especially your hands, everything should be washed thoroughly.  Also while you are cooking, keep the workspace clean at all times by swiping off the waste materials every now and then. This way it will be more hygienic and also you’ll be easily to able to find things that you need during your working.

Before you start cooking rice, take your time to rinse them well enough for better, softer texture. For this purpose, the most effective method is to place the amount of rice you want to cook into a bowl and place under a running tap. All the waste present in the rice will be washed away by doing this. Make sure no impurities are left when this method is completed.

The Ratio:

The ratio of water with rice while cooking is the most important factor when it comes to cooking rice. In case of brown rice, the ratio is one to two. For instance, if you are planning to cook one cup of rice, you’ll need to mix it up with two cups of water. After doing this, the whole cooking experience is easier after completing this method.

Boil the Mixture:

Put a cup of rice and two cups of water into a utensil which could suffer boiling heat and set the stove to high heat. Add salt to the water for better taste. Once the rice start boiling, keep an eye on it and avoid burning.


When the water and rice mixture is boiling at its peak, decrease the heat of the stove slowly. From high to medium and medium to low, let the rice simmer in a different utensil or pot now. While in the frying pan the rice will take almost half an hour to cook properly. After half an hour, taste the rice by cooling a little amount and check if any added taste or spice is required. If yes, then add whatever taste you may like to it and simmer for a few minutes again. The best sign to check the quality of cooked rice is that they should have absorbed all the water that was put into the pot with them while cooking.

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