How to Do Eyebrow Waxing


Our eyebrows contribute a fair sum of beauty to our facial appearance. Eyebrows can be sculpted into various shapes in order to give you new and enhanced looks. The area above your eyes where these are located is pretty fragile. Therefore, proper care needs to be taken while treating your eyebrows.

Proper shaped eyebrows can prove to be vital in giving you a catchier look. With the advancement of cosmetic techniques, eyebrow shaping methods have also improved. There are multiple options at your disposal these days including threading and plucking. But these two common techniques are heavily painful and time consuming. However, waxing is a method deemed considerably easier by many beauticians.

Follow the step by step method explained here to get beautifully shaped waxed eyebrows:

Equipment Required:

  • Hot wax.
  • Jeans fabric.
  • Eye pencil.


You’ll need to find the eyebrow shape that suits you first of all. To start off, push the hair into proper position for your convenience. You may use an old toothbrush to comb the eyebrow hair into proper shape.

After you have decided upon how you want your eyebrows to look, pick up the eye pencil and mark the ends of your eyebrows with dots along the line. This shall indicate the boundary area for waxing. Join the dots together to form a proper image of what you have to execute.

Pick up a small mirror and hold it in one hand or stand close to your dressing mirror. Face the mirror and apply the wax on selected areas gently. Follow the instructions given on the waxing box to determine its recommended temperature. Using wax strips for this purpose is highly recommended.

Take a small jeans fabric strip and place it over the wax on your eyebrows before it dries out. Smooth the cloth strip in your eyebrow line using your finger tip.

Stretch the skin above your eyelid using your finger and pull away the strip in rapid action. This may require a forceful jerk but you have to do it. Focus on doing small portions of hair at a time for higher accuracy.

Do the same procedure for area below your eyebrow and place a strip upon it after applying wax. Smooth the fabric strip by pressing with your fingertips.

Repeat all the steps mentioned above to cover both your eyebrows until you get your desired shape.

Trim longer and any unnecessary eyebrow hair left using a small scissor. Beware of not trimming too much because it may give you bald spots.

Pluck off any remaining hair after all these steps using tweezers. This shall give you a more proper and accurate look.

The pain in this process will cause redness on the skin. Apply after wax oil or olive oil to your eyebrows and massage gently with your fingertips to feel better.

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