How to Get Over Shyness at Work

How to Get Over Shyness at Work

You have got your first job and are really excited to join that big company you always dreamed about but there is just one problem – you feel shy. Shyness can be a big problem, especially when it comes to your profession and career, because it will not only prevent you from being yourself, but will also affect your appearance and performance in general, both of which can impact your progress.

However, if you are extremely shy, you don’t to worry about it anymore. Keep reading this article to get over your shyness.


  1. First of all, you need to recognize when and in front of whom you feel shy. Is that person your boss? Is it a specific person or a colleague? Or you simply feel shy in general? If you want to get over your problem, it is very important to clarify this. Just take some time and think about the last time you felt shy and try to find out the reason behind that. People usually feel shy because they are either concerned about what others will think of them or they feel apprehensive about their own appearance. Both of these are valid concerns, but can be solved easily.
  2. After figuring out the reason behind your shyness, now you need to work on your self-confidence, this can be done in various ways. If you feel that you are concerned about your appearance, try to use a different lipstick, shave your beard, go for shopping or try a new haircut. You don’t want to seem too desperate and need to avoid overdoing the whole thing, if you are working on your appearance. Make sure that you buy good quality formal items that go with the atmosphere at your workplace, when you go for shopping.
  3. You need to start practicing in front of the mirror, if the reason behind your shyness is your speech, or how you will address your boss or your colleagues. Believe it or not, this is a really effective way of gaining confidence and removing any flaws in your accent. You just have to listen to yourself talking and work on your speech. Just look at the mirror and try saying things you would normally speak at a workplace. Practice it so that you can start feeling comfortable on your own.
  4. You can also work on your people dealing skills to work on your shyness. You just have to keep in mind a few things and work on them. Firstly, you need to be sure about your own capabilities and work. You have been hired for a reason and your skills and work speak for themselves. Next, you need to make an appropriate eye contact while talking to others so that you don’t appear to be a shy person. Last but not the least, you should aim at talking less and listening more. This will not only prevent you from embarrassing situations and doing blunders, but will also work towards creating a good impression.

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