How to Get Rid Of a Bad Cough and Sore Throat


Bad cough and sore throats are a few unwanted gifts that winters bring for us. These are among the most annoying infections one could catch. Having a sore throat is very discomforting both mentally and physically because a person cannot eat or drink properly being under the influence of a sore throat. It can also damage a person’s self confidence. You won’t be yourself at an important meeting or presentations with a cranky voice and constant coughing.

I would suggest you to go and see your doctor immediately. Once you have proper medication for the virus, you can utilize some home remedies as well for quicker recovery. Salt is considered to be among the most powerful healers of an injured throat. Try to eat salt before and after going to bed so that it has more affect. Sodium chloride sucks all the moisture from bacteria present in your throat preventing the virus from spreading. A few other commonly used methods to cure bad coughs are mentioned below:

Drink More Water:4

Coughing due to sore throats is dry and irritating. The reason behind this itchy coughs is your dry throat. Your body needs extended water intake during these situations. Avoid drinking frozen or cold water because it’ll ruin your throat even further. Drink at least 8 glasses of warm water. Mix salt in the water for quicker throat recovery.

Eucalyptus Oil:

Eucalyptus oil relieves your skin of any stiffness or dryness. Massaging your throats and chest with eucalyptus oil on as daily basis will allow the mucous membranes to spread wider, creating openings for all fluids to reach your dry throat more easily.

Breath-in Humidified Air:

Having a sore throat or dried nose during winters can make you annoyed by natural home environment as well. Moreover, being in warm spaces may also irritate you because of the dry air. I personally recommend you to add a humidifier in your room so that the air you breathe doesn’t damage your throat any further.

Lubricate Your Throat:

Having a dry throat while you cough can cause severe pain. That’s why you need to keep your throat as lubricated as possible. Treating it with water will make it go drier again but a hot cup of green tea with honey shall do a perfect curing job for you. Having hot vegetable soup is also helpful.

Warm Moist Towel:3

You can also use a hot moist towel or compress on the front of your neck and chest to provide dry muscles with a soothing sensation. This shall open up all dried mucous membranes that have been stiffened by constant dry coughing.

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