How to Get Rid Of a Head Cold In a Day


A head cold is a terrible thing to suffer from. If you have got it, then you might feel like banging your head against a wall just to make the discomfort and pain go away. A popular misconception about head colds is that they only occur to people in cold weather.

The truth is that head colds have nothing to do with the weather and can occur at any time of the year during any season, hot or cold. There are various cures and remedies available in the market for head colds but you can get rid of it by yourself without having to visit a pharmacy.

If you follow the tips given below, your head cold will be gone in no time at all. Be sure to get plenty of rest as well as sleep is a great enhancer for the effectiveness of these tips.

#1. Increase the Amount of Liquids You Drink

If you have a head cold and are blowing your nose very often, your body will become deficient in water and other liquids, putting a greater strain on your liver. If you increase the amount of water you drink in a day, this strain on your liver will be lessened and you will feel healthier as well.

Apart from water, it is also recommended that you drink hot tea and fresh juices. Avoid carbonated drinks and juices at all costs.

#2. Vegetable and Chicken Soup

When you have a head cold, it is very common for you to develop a runny nose that seems to be dripping snot constantly. This quickly turns into having a sore and painful throat.

A good solution to deal with the sore throat problem is to drink/eat plenty if chicken and vegetable soups. Soups that contain garlic and ginger will soften the snot and mucus in your nasal cavities and will also provide relief to your sore throat.

#3. Get Plenty of Rest

As mentioned above, getting enough rest is very important in order to recover from a head cold. Apart from trying the home remedies mentioned previously, you can enhance their effectiveness by going to sleep and letting your immune system be at its top efficiency level (the immune system is strongest when you are sleeping) and it will help get rid of your head cold that much faster.

#4. Increase Your Intake of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vitamin that is a great help in improving and strengthening your immune system. So eat a lot of fresh fruits, especially oranges, and also drink their juices.

You can also get Vitamin C in pill form from any pharmacy. With the help of Vitamin C, you can get rid of your head cold that much faster.

#5. Blow Your Nose Frequently and Often

This might seem like messy advice, but it is very helpful in dealing with a painful head cold. Blow your nose into a tissue or into a bathroom sink multiple times during the day.

This will help in speeding up the process of getting rid of your nasal congestion and so, your recovery from the head cold will be all that much faster.

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