How to Get Rid of Baggy Eyes and Dark Circles

How to Get Rid of Baggy Eyes and Dark Circles

Many people nowadays suffer from a lack of a proper amount of sleep and this can result in baggy eyes and dark circles around them. There are various reasons why so many people don’t go to sleep at a proper hour and instead go to bed late and spend the next day exhausted and tired.

Once you start getting these baggy eyes and dark circles, it may not be enough to get enough sleep to make them go away, and they can give an unpleasant look to your face. If you suffer from baggy eyes and dark circles around your eyes, then read on to learn how you can get rid of them using simple changes in your lifestyle and some easy remedies that you can make at home.

1. Find the root cause

For the majority of people with dark circles and baggy eyes, the root cause is tiredness and lack of proper sleep. However, there are also some people who get dark circles around their eyes and baggy eyes because of some skin discoloration allergies such as exposure to the sun or an intolerance to glutton which is a part of wheat. So before you set out to get rid of these dark circles and baggy eyes, you need to identify what exactly is causing the problem and what you can do if it is not related to lack of sleep.

If lack of sleep is not the main reason for dark circles and baggy eyes, then go consult a dermatologist to get expert advice on how to get better.

2. Get enough sleep

Getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night is very important, both for your health as well as your mental state the next day. If you don’t get enough sleep every night then your eyes will become more sensitive and you will be rubbing them constantly.

To combat this, set a time for sleeping and exercise heavily 2 hours before that. By the time your bedtime rolls around, your body will be exhausted and you will be able to fall asleep easily. Don’t rely on over the counter sleeping pills to help you fall asleep early as you will most likely become dependent on them for sleeping and if you don’t have the sleeping pills, you won’t be able to sleep all night. So just try to tire yourself enough to be able to fall asleep easily at night and get 8 hours or more of undisturbed sleep.

3. Stay away from alcohol and drugs

Alcohol, cigarettes and other recreational drugs cause an imbalance in the chemical structures of your brain and can have a significant effect on your state of mind during and after using the drug or drink. While you may feel good while under the influence of the drug, when it wears off, you will need to take more of the substance to feel normal.

So stop depending on these things and instead replace them with vitamins and other healthy nutrients which will help to balance your brain chemistry and let you fall asleep easily.

4. Drink lots of water and eat lots of healthy foods

This point seems to be self explanatory. Eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water won’t only improve your overall health, but it will also improve your looks by diminishing the dark circles and the bags beneath your eyes. So increase the amount of vegetables and fruits you eat and also focus especially on foods containing vitamin K. This vitamin will get rid of your eye bags and dark circles in no time at all.

5. Decrease your salt intake

If you ingest too much salt, it retains water in areas of your body, such as under the eyes. This is a major reason for the bags under your eyes. So try to avoid salt as much as you can and you may notice a decrease or elimination of the baggy eyes and dark circles around them.

6. Cucumber over eyes

Apart from being a great ingredient for salads, cucumbers also have the amazing ability of getting rid of those dark circles and baggy eyes. Take a cucumber and cut out two thick slices. Now lie down and place one slice over both eyes. Cover the darkened areas of your skin with the cucumber slice. If you do this daily, you will notice a significant decrease in the dark circles around your eyes.

7. Potato over eyes

If you don’t want to place cucumber slices over your eyes, you can place potato slices over them to get the same result. Cut two thick slices of potatoes and place them in water for a while. Once they are thoroughly soaked, take them and put them on your eyes, making sure to cover the dark parts under your eyes. Similar to the cucumber method, you will notice a significant change within a few days of doing this.

8. Cold tea bags and ice cubes

Tea bags contain an ingredient called ‘tannin’ that can help in reducing the bagginess under your eyes. So take two tea bags and place them on top of ice cubes in your refrigerator. Let them stay there overnight, and then apply them to your eyes the next day. You will notice a difference in just a few days of doing this method.

We hope that some or all of these methods help you to get rid of dark circles around your eyes and the bags under them. If you have any queries, simply comment below and we will get back to you.

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