How to Get Rid Of Black And White Heads


Blackheads and whiteheads top the list of skin and beauty issues for many people and it has been this way for a few decades now. You need to understand that the main reasons behind them if you want to get rid of their curse. They are commonly referred to as comedones and closed comedones respectively.

Whiteheads have smaller openings leading into the skin surface while blackheads have comparatively larger ones. These are normally found on the nose tip, cheeks and forehead area. Multiple skin care products are used on regular basis by people to prevent the formation of these annoyances.

But most of these cosmetic fixes come with costly side effects for their skin. So it is preferred by majority of beauty experts to use natural ingredients and home remedies instead of artificial skin fixes.

Home remedies are known to be the best and cost effective solution as compared to the skin care cosmetic products available in the market. The main difference between both techniques is the presence of side effects.

A couple of reputed beauty companies like L’Oreal Paris and The Body Shop also offer cosmetic products made up completely of natural ingredients. Along with that, a proper diet and an excess intake of water is required to speed up the process of removing blackheads and whiteheads.

Below are mentioned a few of the top home remedies that kill off blackheads and whiteheads:

Wash Your Face Multiple Times:

Washing your face thrice or at least twice a day using a healthy beauty cleanser can prove vital for your beauty issues. Try not to scrub them, as it makes the heads get worse and increases the oil production on the skin, making your face oily. Washing your face twice a day is a very healthy way of keeping all blackheads and whiteheads at bay.

Egg White Mask:

Egg whites contain healthy elements for your body, specifically the skin texture. The whites from eggs can be used to make a facial mask that closes your skin pores causing blackheads and whiteheads for considerable period of time.

It also helps in avoiding formation of blackheads in the future. One thing that makes this remedy stand out from all others is that this mask contains more portion of moisturizer for your skin as compared to others.

Start the procedure by picking up a piece of tissue paper, dipping it in the egg white and pressing it onto your face in a gentle manner. Make a layer out of the egg whites on your face and let the layer dry before you apply another layer. Now repeat the same process and gently form another layer on your skin surface.

Now allow this layer to dry as well like the first one and apply a third one if you feel like it. Your face will start to feel slightly tightened once the mask dries out, this is normal. Peel off the tissues slowly and wash your face gently with warm water afterwards. Dry your face and apply a moisturizer to your face afterwards.

Whole Milk and Salt Mixture:

Milk contains lactic acid, which enriches your skin by giving it a very soft texture while salt helps in drawing impurities out from your skin. Fill a bowl with one portion of table salt and 4 portions of milk. Blend them for 10 minutes until a mixture is formed.

Apply the mixture to your face until a mask is formed and keep applying until it dries out. Use cold water to wash your face after this. Doing this treatment on daily basis for 3 weeks shall show you perfect results by removing any blackheads or whiteheads.

Cinnamon & Honey Strips:

It may give you a feeling of a delicious candy delight, but unfortunately that isn’t the case here. This cinnamon and honey combo is impeccably beneficial for people with blackheads or whiteheads on their skin. The anti-bacterial abilities of honey help to kill all the bacteria present in your skin which are the root cause of all issues.

Honey also acts as an adhesive due to its high viscosity for pulling out impurities from the pores. The role of cinnamon in this remedy is to improve the blood flow in the region. This increased blood rush gives your skin a slightly healthier glow.

Start by mixing the honey and cinnamon together in equal quantities as long as enough paste is formed to fill up the entire effected area. Apply a layer of the mixture upon the blackhead and then press a clean cotton strip over it to get better results. Keep it like that for more than 5 minutes and rinse your face after removing all the strips with mild water. Moisturizing afterwards is a must.

Sweat It:

You may have noticed that people that workout or run in regular routine have a glow on their faces. Their faces are free of blackheads because they sweat more than us in routine. Sweat glands and facial pores that we are talking about are different things but sweating still helps a lot in reducing the amount of blackheads and whiteheads on your face.

When you’ll workout, the sweat flowing throughout your face softens the pores that have been clogged by the impurities. Keep one thing in your mind that after you sweat, your face needs to be washed with immediate effect because if you don’t do that, the sweat will stick to the surface causing opposite effects.

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