How to Get Rid of Cats in the Garden


If you have a garden that you take pride and and spend time there watering and taking care of your plants, then this article is for you. If a cat, or more than one cat, enters your garden, then all your hard work of decorating the plants according to your tastes will be at risk of getting damaged or destroyed by wild cats.

Cats can be a big nuisance for people with gardens, as they seem to love to destroy pretty and colorful flowers and plants and also defecate all over your garden.

These wild and stray cats usually come out at night when there are almost no humans around to bother them or throw stones at them. These kind of cats can ruin your garden during the night while you are sleeping.

On the other hand, domesticated cats are more tame and are more likely to wander into your garden during the day time. They are more likely to jump around in your garden and play with your carefully tended plants and flowers. They may jump over them or tear and squeeze them off.

Cats can be an even bigger nuisance if you have small children who play in your garden. The feces that cats may have left behind in the garden are very unhealthy, unhygienic and smelly.

If you want to get rid of the problem of cats invading your garden, read the following tips.

#1. Grow some plants that repel cats1

There are a few specific kinds of plants that cats have an aversion to and they avoid going near them when they can. The smell that these plants exude has a repellent effect on cats and they don’t like to come within range of the smell.

Good examples of cat repelling plants like these are; italicum, scaredy cat and helichrysum.

#2. Surround your garden with chicken wire

Surround and protect your plants and flowers within a roofless cage made up of chicken wire or soft netting. You can2 make a simple wall made of the chicken wire and place stones in place to keep it from becoming loose and blowing away with the wind.

Cats are smart, especially domesticated cats, so spread some dirt over the wires on the ground so that the cats won’t understand why they can’t get to your plants and flowers. Now, when the cat will try to get to the plants and flowers by trying to dig under the netting, their claws will get scraped and stuck in the netting or wire, deterring the cat from trying to get to your plants and flowers.

#3. Spray garden rocks with cat repellent3

You can easily buy a cat repellent spray at an affordable price. Once you have bought it, all you have to do is to spray it on most of the rocks in your garden that are near the flowers and plants. Similar to cat repelling plants in a previous point, this spray exudes an odor that cats avoid.

Spray your garden rocks with the cat repellent at least once every week, as the repellent will probably get washed washed away when you water your plants.

#4. set up motion sensor water sprinklers in your garden

Asides from certain smells, cats also have an aversion to water. Cat owners can attest to this fact because of how difficult it is to make your pet cat take a bath.4

Thus, setting up motion sensor sprinklers in your garden is a perfect solution to ensure that cats don’t mess up your garden because they can’t enter it at all. Whenever a cat comes near your garden, the motion sensors will detect it and turn on the sprinklers, causing the cat to run away from the suddenly appearing water. The cat might be traumatized enough to never try to enter your garden again, making this an ideal solution.

#5. Call the authorities5

If all of the above solutions fail to prevent cats from intruding and destroying your garden, your last resort should be to call animal control services. Call up your nearest animal control office and tell them about your cat problem. They will help you in coming up with ways to permanently solve the problem and cats won’t be ruining your carefully tended plants and flowers anymore.

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