How to Get Rid of Corns on Toes


Corns on toes and feet, also known as calluses on your feet, is a very common problem among people these days. These calluses are formed on your toes and feet by the accumulation of damaged cells which clump together on a specific part of your foot, forming a callus, or corn on your toe or foot.

There are various reasons why these damaged cells congregate at one point to form calluses. The most common reason is the type of shoes that men and women wear. The appearance of calluses on the feet of women is more common than men because some women frequently wear high heel shoes. Shoes that are too tight or a size smaller than your foot size can also lead to calluses on your toes or feet.

Apart from shoes, calluses are also likely to develop due to some kind of problem with the structure of your feet and your walking style etc. Whatever the cause might be, you need to take care and try to ensure that you don’t develop calluses on your toes or feet.

In the unfortunate case that you do develop calluses on your toes or feet, don’t panic. Read on to learn the various ways you can use to get rid of the corn on your toes.

#1. Iodine paste, borax and bran

This is the first thing you should try after you get calluses on your feet. All three of these items are renowned for their effectiveness in treating foot calluses.

Mix all three of these ingredients into warm to mildly hot water and stir thoroughly. Then pour the mixture into a large bowl and then soak your feet in this mixture. Let your feet stay there for 20 to 30 minutes every day. After a few days of doing this, you will notice that the calluses have faded away.

#2. Cocoa butter

This is another option that you can use to get rid of foot calluses. When it is applied to calluses, it can be very effective. Rub some cocoa butter on your calluses and leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes. Then use a pumice stone to rub off the cocoa butter until your feet are clean.

#3. Comfortable shoes

This is a very obvious and practical solution to prevent calluses in the first place, or get rid of them once they have developed. Wear shoes that will give your toes and feet plenty of breathing space and the calluses will fade away over time and won’t appear again.

#4. Prevent the calluses from touching each other

If you have calluses that have developed right between your toes, then you can use any kind of soft padding to put between the toes to prevent the calluses from rubbing against one another. This method has proven to be very effective at getting rid of calluses in a short period of time.

#5. Consult a skin specialist

If you have tried all the methods explained above and still can’t get rid of your calluses, then you might have a more serious problem and you should get checked up about it by a skin specialist.

It could be a serious problem involving damage to your cells and tissue. So visit a specialist and do whatever he/she advises you to, which may include taking medications.

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