How to Get Rid Of Mice in the House

How to get rid of mouse

Almost all of you have possibly faced a mouse situation in your house at some point in your life. Times when tickling noises are heard from within the wooden walls are quite irritating but not as shocking as when your mum screams in fear from the kitchen. Both these situations are often created by the curse of mice in a house.

At first you may assume that you’re house is haunted by ghosts. Ah you wish! It’s possibly haunted by something even worse. It gets scarier when you find baby mice wandering around. They can come and dwell at your place any time of the year, in any season they wish. Above all these reasons, presence of mice in a house affects the hygiene and can cause many diseases. Therefore, get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are a few instructions you can follow to keep your house mice-free.

#1. Start planning early

It’s better to start planning early about issues like this. Know what mice will be looking for in your house and prevent them from getting all that. Mice look out for food and shelter wherever they go. So make sure you keep them away from both those things, cut all their possible food supplies. Keep all your food in secured areas like the refrigerator or locked cabinets.

#2. Get separate food containers

Buy separate sets of food containers for all types of eatables. Try and keep all your food in sealed containers, keeping it away from the reach of mice or other insects. Make sure there aren’t any crumbs or food leftover pieces on the floor, on the carpet or anywhere in the whole house. Vacuum cleaning regularly would help you achieve that.

#3. Find any possible mouse shelters in your house

The next thing that you need to do is to examine your house for any possible shelters that could entertain mice. Look out for holes or cracks in the walls. If you find any fill them or close them immediately so that the path gets blocked. Sealant or steel wool is recommended for this purpose.

#4. Properly get rid of your trash

Mice are attracted to trash or garbage. Therefore, you need to make sure there is no trash nearby your house boundaries. If you desire to keep the garbage somewhere for future disposal, keep it in protected in trash with a protective lid.

#5. Use lots of mouse traps

The oldest trick in the books for getting rid of mice is to lay mouse traps around your house in areas where they are often seen. Mice like cheese or butter, which is placed in the trap to attract them. This method maybe old school but it still works like a charm.

#6. Use mouse poison

One more option that is often utilized in killing mice is by use of poison. It is more effective than the previous method but more dangerous as well. If you have children or pets inside your house, this isn’t the right way to go for you. Even if you do use mouse poison, make sure you place it in areas that your pets or children cannot access.

Find all the mice hideouts in boxes and drawers. If you happen to find any, throw those away using gloves and a mask and clean the place with a weak mixture of bleach water to sterilize the place.

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