How to Heal Cold Sores on Your Lips


Cold sores are blisters that can develop on your lips. These blisters contain a liquid that can become apparent around your mouth, gums and lips. Apart from the disturbing appearance of these sores, they also cause a feeling of running a fever and having swollen glands in your mouth.

For people who are prone to getting cold sores, they appear to occur more often on those days when you need to be at the top of your game, such as having an interview that day or having to go to a wedding. This indicates that a primary reason that triggers cold sores is anxiety and stress.

Other common causes of cold sores include improper eating habits, physical exhaustion and faigue, and being ill. A major downside to cold sores is that they are contagious. This means that if you are around other people and have cold sores that day, you are likely to pass them on to the people around you.

Fortunately, the situation is not as bad as it sounds. While cold sores typically go away by themselves after two to three weeks, you can avail some treatments that will get rid of them much quicker.

If you wake up to find cold sores around your lips, you can get rid of them using the following method. First of all, you will need these items:

  • A cold sore medicine, which can be brought over the counter from any pharmacy.
  • A bar of soap
  • Some towels

#1. Treating your lips

If you prefer to solve the problem without resorting to medicines, you can buy certain jellies and lip balms that are made specially to get rid of cold sores. These jellies and lip balms contain natural ingredients, such as lemon balm, that have natural anti-viral properties.

Because cold sores are viral in nature, these jellies and lip balms will be effective against them. Normal petroleum jelly is also very effective at increasing the rate at which cold sores go away naturally.

If you use jellies or lip balms, make sure that you do not put on any makeup around the area you applied the remedy and also make sure that you do not touch those areas at all.

#2. Medicines for cold sores

Cold sore medications are widely available at any pharmacy. They typically come in the form of a cream inside a tube and you can get them without a prescription. You should apply this cream as soon as possible, preferably when you start to feeling a tingling around your lips which indicates that cold sores are developing there.

Before you apply the cream, thoroughly wash and scrub your hands and face to ensure cleanliness. Put some cream on your fingers and rub them over the sore areas and massage it to spread it around evenly. Repeat this about four to five times a day and the cold sores will disappear very quickly.

#3. Avoid infecting other people

During the time in which you have cold sores, you should be extremely careful not to spread them to anyone else. If you don’t take care of cleanliness and hygiene while treating your cold sores, you may end up passing them on to someone else with whom you get physically close to.

You can take steps to ensure that this does not happen by not sharing your food and food utensils as well as anything else you touch, such as towels or soap etc. Avoid all physical contact such as handshakes, hugging and kissing.

If you carefully followed the instructions given above, your cold sores should go away in a short time and you will not have infected any other person.

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