How to Heal Dry Cracked Hands


Many scientific researchers have concluded that human skin doesn’t particularly like dryness. Getting cracks on your skin due to dryness is one of the more severe skin conditions. The pain involved makes it even worse. That’s the reason why dry and cracked hands are a nightmare of many. Having cracked skin anywhere else on your body may not hurt as much on your hands. This is because hands are the most used part of our body.

Dry, cracked hands can make you suffer in life so stop the curse before it gets the better of your hands. Taking precautions is necessary when trying to avoid a cracked hands situation. Even if the situation gets worsened somehow and you have dry cracked hands, they can be healed with little effort using these easy methods.

Consult a Dermatologist:1

Whenever you notice having any kind of a skin disease, contacting your doctor is the first thing you should do before using any solution. Your doctor will recommend you the best medicine or lotion depending upon your condition. You should also discuss with him about any natural remedy that you are planning to utilize.

Use an Antibiotic Cream:2

Ask your doctor to prescribe a good tropical cream to you. Make sure you do not use any cure rather than those recommended by the doctor. There’s a wide variety of creams and lotions in the market that offer you solutions to skin dryness. Don’t get fooled by all the fuss and marketing strategies. Use band aids if necessary in the start and wait until your doctor prescribes you a solution.

Wear Gloves:3

If the condition keeps worsening and you feel pain in touching stuff, use protective cotton gloves. These kinds of soft gloves can be found easily at your nearby pharmacies at cheap prices. Wearing gloves will prevent your hands from drying up any further resulting in faster recovery from cracked hands.

Use Creamy Soaps:

Beware of using local or low quality soaps in such conditions. Make sure you find a high quality soap in the market which contains a lotion or protective body cream in it. The major problem behind your cracked hands is their dryness; do as much as you can for getting rid of it. To keep your hands moist, you’ll have to use best possible products.

Apply Moisturizing Cream:

Whenever you wash your hands, apply lotion or some cream immediately after it. This will aid the procedure of healing.

Avoid Excessive Washing:

Refrain from washing your hands multiple times a day because every time you wash them, they’ll dry out and cause more pain over and over again.

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