How to Learn to Ride a Motorcycle

How to Learn to Ride a Motorcycle

Riding a bike is full of fun, especially in pleasant weather along with your partner. You need to be aware of all controls of bike in order to have a safe ride. It is not so much difficult to ride a bike, but practice before riding on the main road. Here are some techniques given that will make bike riding easier for you.

1. Find the right bike

Selection of the right bike is the most important thing, there are a lot of make and models of bikes. You have to select the bike according to your weight and health. For beginners it is suggested that they have to buy lighter bike. Buy bike with comfortable seats otherwise you cannot concentrate on bike riding properly.

2. Sit on the bike

Sit on the bike place your hands on the handle of bike and make sure that you are feeling comfortable and relaxed after getting your position.

3. Switch on the ignition

Once you are comfortable on bike, switch on the ignition of bike, green and yellow light will appear beneath the speedometer.

4. Hit the kick

Make sure that bike is in the neutral mode, after that hit the kick to get engine started.

5. Apply clutch

Pull clutch lever inward with your left hand, you need to hold it firmly and shift the first gear, you will find the gear paddle with your left foot.

6. Release the clutch

Accelerate the bike and release the clutch slowly, now bike start moving, now you have to concentrate on balancing and handling of bike.

7. Shift the gear

Now shift the gear upward and downward according to the speed of bike, while in case of increasing speed shift gear up one by one with the speed and remember this that, you have to shift gear down if your speed reduces.

8. Apply the brakes to stop

Two brakes are available, one is on the right hand side and other will be on right foot. Hit the brake paddle, if you need to stop the bike, you need to hit both breaks in case of emergency only.

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