How to Make Any Girl Fall for You

How to Make Any Girl Fall for You

If you are a guy, then you probably know that getting a girl to fall in love with you is one of the hardest things you can attempt to do. You have to take the risk of trying to start a relationship with a girl at least once in your lifetime. If you are yet to make such an attempt, then your are lucky to have found this article. I will teach you how you can naturally and genuinely get any girl to fall in love with you. It will be hard work and require a lot of patience and effort, but hopefully, the result will be a happy relationship.

The first notion that you have to discard is that all girls are the same. Just like guys, every girl is unique and different in their own ways. Sure, they might have some similarities, but mostly you shouldn’t paint all girls with the same paintbrush. While it is also true that a large number of women are indeed looking for a man who can provide them with money, luxury living and items and a life of adventure, not all women are gold diggers like that. There are some girls out there who just want to have a simple relationship with a guy where there is unconditional love and trust. So if you don’t have a fancy car or house and a large bank account, fret not, you can still win a girls heart. Read on to learn how.

1. Get to know the girl

Just like in the animal kingdom, the typical ‘hunter and prey’ method works sometimes in the context of human relationships. Every prey has some or other kind of weakness, and so do girls. So observe the girl that you are interested in and talk to her and find out what makes her emotions intense and what she hates or likes. The more information of this kind that you get, the better your chances of eventual success will be. This will allow you to put your foot in the metaphorical door of her mind and personal space.

2. Primp yourself up

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. You need to be well dressed and looking smart and alert when you are around the girl that you are interested in. If you look shabby and dirty looking, it is highly likely that the girl will not become interested in you at all. If you dress well enough, you won’t even have to approach her yourself, as she will notice your well dressed attire from a distance and will stick in her mind.
So maintain a regular routine of good hygiene and always keep a positive attitude about finding a potential romantic partner. Learn your flaws and work on improving them and try to make yourself attractive to the girl.

3. Become a friend of hers

Once you have done your research and know as much about the girl as you possibly could find out, it is time to move in and make your moves. The best way to do this is to find some area of common interest. Something that you both love, such as a music band, a book or a movie, etc etc. Anything like that can be the start of a relationship between you two. So approach her in a confident and respectful manner and talk to her without sounding anxious or nervous.

4. Grab her attention

Now that you are a part of her life, you have to stay in her life and become even more entrenched in it. So try not to avoid too many events with her as she might start to lose interest in you if you don’t give her enough time. A simple hello or how are you every day is all that’s needed. You should not become clingy or make yourself seem to be desperate. So keep her guessing as to whether you just want to be friends with her or want a romantic relationship.

5. Ask her out

By this point, you should have developed a certain level of excitement and anticipation in the girl with regards to you and your true self. You are still a mystery to her. Try to isolate her so you both can talk alone and in private and make her feel important by engaging in eye contact with her while talking and show other signs of confidence in yourself and your intentions towards her. Then get her number and tell her that you have to go as something important has come up.

This will leave her very intrigued about you and when you text her asking her if she wants to have coffee with you or a dinner sometime, she will most likely reply with a yes.

It’s as simple as that. You can get a first date just by following the simple steps shown above.

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