How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

In the United States alone, over 30 million suffer from hereditary hair loss. If you are one of these unfortunate women, you should realize that there is no simple cure for hair loss. Do not get fooled by advertisements for products claiming a miracle cure for hair loss. There is no magic solution for the problem of hereditary hair loss. If you are concerned about your hair getting thinner, then you should visit a dermatologist and get an appropriate treatment recommended for you. However, if you have an event coming up soon that you need to look good at, there are some simple ways that you can make your hair look thicker and hide the fact of your hair loss.

#1. Use clip-on extensions

Using clip-on extensions for your hair is very convenient and much more easier than trying to use regular hair extensions. Regular hair extensions have the disadvantage of irritating your scalp. So while the clip-on hair extensions might not be super realistic, they are still good enough to hide your thinning hair. Get clip-on extensions that match the texture and color of your own natural hair.

#2. Get a layered haircut

The next time you visit your barber or stylist, request the barber to cut your hairs in layers. Along with this, also request the barber to cut the lower layers of your hair a little shorter than the top layers. This will help make your hair look thicker and having a larger amount of volume. Also prohibit the barber from using a blade or razor on your hair as that will likely lead to frayed hair, causing your hair to look even thinner than they already are.

#3. Use peroxide to highlight your hair

There are two benefits to using peroxide to highlight your hair. The first benefit is that this highlight will make your hair appear to be denser than they actually are and will also divert attention away from any bald patches on your head. The second benefit is that peroxide actually works to thicken hair, as it causes them to swell and increase in volume. For the best results, get a peroxide solution that matches the color of the hair on your head.

#4. Use mousse to style your hair

Mousse can be extremely useful for your hair. Use mousse to style your hair as well as increase their volume without any increase in actual weight of your hair. Unlike gels and creams that push your hair down, mousse has very little weight of its own and is not sticky at all. The proper way to apply mousse is to gently rub it onto your damp head and then slowly comb your hair until all of them are coated with the mousse. Now, you can move on to styling your hair however you like.

#5. Use the blow dryer properly

If you regularly use a blow dryer to dry your wet hair, then part your hair opposite the direction which your normally part them. Then dry them at the medium setting for the blow dryer and afterwards, part your hair the way you usually part them. Another ingenious way to use a blow dryer for maximum benefit is to hold your head upside down and then blow drying your hanging hair. This will work to add a lot of volume to your hair.

#6. Make sure that your hair are above your shoulders

This is another ingenious way to make your hair seem to be thicker than they actually are. Get your hair cut in such a way that your hair only reach to the top of your shoulders. Apart from hiding your thinning hair, it will also prevent your hair from breaking up after reaching your shoulders.

#7. Opt for bangs

Getting bangs is an excellent way to hide thinning hair at the base of your head. Apart from this, you should also try to get your hair dyed in such a way as to keep the lower layers of your hair darker than the upper layers. This will create an illusion of your hair being dense and thick.

#8. Add curls to your hair

Curls are a great way to add volume to your hair without needing to use expensive products. Simply use hair rollers or a curling iron to style your hair in ringlets, which will give your hair the appearance of being dense and full of life.

#9. Long term solutions

The solutions presented above are only meant for the short term. You will need to visit and consult a dermatologist to get professional advice about how to deal with your thinning hair.

Some important things to keep in mind are;

Regularly wash and shampoo your hair, at least twice a week. Another thing to keep in mind is not to use a hair dryer after every single time that you take a bath.

You should also be aware that the most common reasons for thinning hair are stress, certain medicines and hair dyes. All these things can promote or even accelerate hair loss. So make changes in your lifestyle that will lessen your stress levels and avoid artificial hair products.

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