How to Make Waking up a Breeze

How to Make Waking up a Breeze

That ringing of the alarm in the morning can get on last nerves no doubt. If you’re the pop right out of bed kind of person, I’m still wondering how you do it. Kudos to you. But something tells me that there a lot of people who don’t have a “walk in the park” experience with waking up in the mornings. If you’re one of those people, you definitely need to keep reading.

Let in some sunlight

It should be natural to think that if light makes the falling asleep process more difficult, it should make waking up in the morning easier, and it really does. There are light-sensitive cells in our eyes that send signals to the brain to notify us about whether it is night or day. So things like opening the curtains, sitting in front of the window, going out in the sun, taking a bath or some coffee would help reduce your drowsiness. An artificial light that is bright enough will do in the case where there is no sunlight.  Rays of light can easily reset the circadian clock (that drives your sleep or wake habits). The same way, you would dim the lights at night to induce sleep.

Turn in 15 minutes earlier every three or four days

It seems pretty obvious that you’ll have a hard time waking up in the morning solely because you went to bed too late. Especially when you consider the fact that sleeping habits can be so entrenching. The circadian rhythm can be a powerful force. This step – though it might seem slight – can go a long way towards improving your sleeping patterns. If sleeping earlier is trouble for you, yoga and deep breathing has been found to help improve sleep patterns.

Plan ahead

Planning the night before may take some extra time but it is definitely worth it. This will make the thought of even waking up more tiring and will to make your mornings less hectic and stressful. Make a to do list, including the emails you need to send and lay out the cloths that you plan to wear and any other thing you might need the next day. The thought of a more chill morning will also make waking up easier.

Put your coffee on a timer

The thought or aroma of coffee can lure you into getting out of bed. So investing in a coffee machine with a built in timer would be a good investment if you’re one of those people that cannot start the day without coffee.

These few tips can definitely get you ahead on your early morning rituals. Other things that can help are stretching, putting out a cosy robe or putting your clock on the other side of the room. Stretching is a great means of feeling refreshed and invigorated. This might not only help to wake you up but will also ease your morning stiffness. Knowing that there is a cosy robe nearby for you to snuggle into will make it easier to get rid of the covers. Putting your clock across the room will mean the snooze button is out of easy reach as well.

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