How to Organize an Exhibition

How to Organize an Exhibition

No matter you are an artist, an art promoter or the owner of art gallery. It is necessary to know the tactics of conducting successful exhibition. There are different things involve in it, keep these tips in mind while it will helpful for you in managing exhibition.

1. Determine the theme of your exhibition

The theme of the exhibition is the basic thing to decide, after that you have to decide that you are displaying the single artist or there will be pieces from several artists. Guide all artist to display their art while keeping the theme of exhibition in their mind.

2. Choose an appropriate date and time

After deciding the theme the next step is to decide date and time. Before deciding the date you have to coordinate with both artist and guests, that they are available or not on that day. After that announce the date and time of exhibition.

3. Get the sponsors

If you are organizing the function at your own, then you have to look for a sponsor to reduce the burden of finance. Mostly distributors, food chains or publication houses agree to fund the events.

4. Direct your artists to submit their work

Next thing is to announce the deadline to you artist to submit the work. Make sure you have all pieces couple of day before the exhibition date, because you have to select the best pieces to display.

5. Create informational labels

After short listing the items you have to make informational label in which you have to give the brief introduction of artist and the art. If you are not capable to do this hire a person to do this job.

6. Advertise the event

You must inform the people around you about the event, you may use local newspaper, TV, radio channel for the promotion of event. You can also prepare banners for this purpose.

7. Supervise

Last step is to be there for supervising everything of the exhibition on exhibition’s day. Gather feedback from the visitors and make changes if needed.

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