How to Start a Driver Training School

How to Start a Driver Training School

Operating a driving school is a simple advice but one needs to meet strict state requirements in order to start. It is important to plan properly, where you are required to fill out plenty of paperwork and prove your credentials by passing high-level certification. However, this may be the perfect business for you if you are an expert in the field.


  1. Gather information on how to start a driving school by contacting your local secretary of state’s office. You should know about the business laws, location requirements, licensing, equipment, bondage qualifications and insurance. You can also hire an attorney if you are having trouble in understanding any of these topics.
  2. Prepare a business plan, to make it simpler. By doing this, you can analyze the initial start-up cost along with the other expenses you will incur. You should always keep in mind the law concerning your state. You may be inclined to set up a corporation rather than a limited liability company, depending on the scale of the business. It will protect your personal assets in case of any potential law suit filed by your clients.
  3. The next step is to get the required license and insurance. These two are the essentials for a driving school, regardless of the fact that you will hire an expert or carry the training yourself. If you are intending to carry the training yourself, you are required to pass a tough, high level procedure for obtaining the necessary certification. Passing through this procedure will ensure that you acquire the right qualifications to train others in the art of driving.
  4. If you are hiring an expert instructor, you may want to verify his or her credentials. The instructor must have a valid driver’s license and ample experience in the field. Various driving schools work in accordance with the department of motor vehicles (DMV), a state level government agency, where you are required to obtain a business license to start you own practice.
    Get an extensive business insurance coverage, where you can protect your vehicles, and clients from any road damage.
  5. Complete all the paperwork and submit it so that the state officer can authenticate it and permit you to start your business. You can start researching prices and ways to market your business, once you get verified. You can also get help from the DMV department in this regard as well.

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