How to Treat a Child for Flu and Common Cold

How to Treat a Child for Flu and Common Cold

Catching a flu is the normal thing for children, if you notice that your children is having the symptoms of flu like coughing, sneezing or moving about the runny nose, it is your responsibility to cure it before it develops more serious illness. There are the things to do that will provide relief to you children.

1. Give them plenty of fluid

Keep your children hydrated by giving them plenty of water because flu lead toward the fever in case of dehydration, provide them a lot of water. May be your children didn’t feel thirsty but you have to provide them water to reduce the symptoms of flu.

2. Keep your children rested

Some of the children are proactive even they are sick they didn’t feel about this, because they love to play and make themselves busy in some physical activities. But if your child have fever you have to give him a bath of cool water and guide him to have rest.

3. Loosen the cough

If your child have a flu then there is a great chance of cough, so you have to give them 2 to 5 ml of honey which is the quickest way to get relief from cough and it is much better option than medicine.

4. Seek professional medical attention

If your child is under the age of 4 then it is advice for you to visit the child specialist before giving him any medication.

5. Avoid dry air

Protect your child from the dry air whether dry air is hot or cold. A humidifier in the room will help in curing the chest congestion by keeping the air moist.

These tips make your child to fight off flu quickly.

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