How to Use Essential Oils to Relax Muscles

How to Use Essential Oils to Relax Muscles

Stress, tension and over exertion usually cause muscular aches. They can also be caused by poor sitting or sleeping posture. There are numerous creams and ointments for relaxing aching muscles. However, if you don’t want to use such products, you can make your own muscle relaxing massage oil blends using various herbal essential oils. There are different types of essential oils for different types of muscle aches, for example, to enhance blood circulation in your muscles, combine nutmeg and rosemary essential oils, while mixing tea tree, rosemary and angelica helps to detoxify your muscles.

1. Warming (circulatory stimulants) blend

Use two drops of either thyme, nutmeg, black pepper or ginger essential oils and mix them with three drops of vetiver or cinnamon essential oil and five drops of rosemary, marjoram or chamomile essential oil. You can easily find these ingredients at your nearest supermarket.

2. Analgesic blend

Combine five drops of rosemary, black pepper, marjoram or pine essential oil with two drops of cardamom, peppermint or eucalyptus and three drops of Cedarwood, clove or cinnamon.

3. Detoxifying blend

Mix five drops of rosemary or juniper, two drops of tea tree, lemon, fennel, coriander or grapefruit and three drops of cedar wood or angelica.

4. Anti-inflammatory blend

Add five drops of chamomile essential oil into two drops of yarrow with about two to three drops of lime for making an anti-inflammatory blend.

5. Muscular massage

You can use either of the above mentioned massage blends to relieve muscular aches, eliminate toxins, stimulate circulation and get fast and long lasting pain relief. Mix eight to ten drops of essential oil in 30 ml of carrier oil and apply it to the stressed muscle and surrounding tissues. Start with gentle warming strokes, then apply firm pressure and finish off with smooth strokes. Take your time while massaging the oil as you want the muscles to start to get relaxed and soothed.

6. Oil warming

To get the added benefits, you can gently warm these mixtures. Don’t make them hot. You can get seriously burned if you apply hot oil to your skin. Warm the oils by placing them in a saucepan of boiling water and gently keep the oils in a bottle sitting inside. Remove after a minute or two and your oils will be nice and warm.

7. Storage

Make all of the different combinations of oils and store them in little bottles for future use. Store them in a dark and dry place so that when the next time your muscles are aching, you can always use these mixtures to get relief.

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