How to Write a News Story on a Speech

How to Write a News Story on a Speech

In the past few decades, the profession of journalism has changed and evolved to become an extremely significant and influential medium affects many aspects of global politics. According to the majority of experts, the media is so powerful mainly because it directly influences the minds of people, even more than politics or any other platform. As Spider Man said, with great power, comes great responsibility. Any media organization has to maintain high standards of quality and accuracy while reporting new news stories. A reporter covering a live speech at some press conference or some other event might seem like an easy job. However, it is not so simple to cover a speech to convert it into a news story. If you are one such reporter, read on to learn how you can improve your speech reporting skills.

Ingredients required:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Sound recorder

1. Do proper research before the event

Since you already know in advance when and who will give the speech, you will need to inform yourself about the background context about what the speech is about. If you know the exact topic that the speech will be about, do thorough research about the issues and topics related to the speech and educate yourself about the whole situation about which the speech will be about.

Sometimes, some editors prefer to have you write this before the speech even starts, so save yourself some time and write out all your research in an organized manner.

2. Take good notes

When you are at the venue and you are seated at the chair assigned to the press, turn on your sound recorder before the speech begins. Also, keep a pen and paper in your hands ready to write down any important details in the speech. You should have foresight to know what part or sentence of the speech would make for a good quote in the final news story. When you gain more experience, you will be able to come up with catchy headlines from which to choose from later as you make your speech notes.

3. The audience

When you are covering an event like a speech, you must not forget the audience. There could be some other important politicians or celebreties in attendance for the speech. If there are any such personalities, wait till the speech is over and then try to get their feedback about the content of the speech they just heard.

4. Stay objective and suppress your personal opinion

A true journalist cannot afford to get emotionally involved in any news story they are reporting on. You have to be objective and neutral and always keep in mind that there is no room for personal opinion in a news story. Just focus on the facts and convey them in straight words to the readers.

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