Recovering From a Break-Up

Recovering From a Break-Up

Breaking up after an intense relationship can be a very traumatic and depressing moment in one’s life and for some people, it takes months or years to get over the break up. Staying mentally strong after the break up is one of the hardest things you will have to do. You will have to avoid thinking about the loss of him/her from your life while you are working at the office, for example, otherwise you might start crying right there in the office. You have to realize that no matter how bad it hurts inside after the break up, your life must go on and you should not let it become an obstacle that prevents you from moving on with your life and achieving your goals. In reality, it is quite easy to recover from a break up. Read on to learn how.

1. Accept that your feelings are normal

This is the first thing you should tell yourself right after the break up. What you are feeling is only temporary and it is a natural feeling that every single person who has been dumped in a relationship has felt like before you. You are not alone in your pain. So accept the sadness and depression but don’t let it hold you back from living your normal life. Time is the best healer. After a few weeks or months, you will have gotten over the break up and will be ready to start a relationship with someone else.

2. Vent your emotions

Your emotions after a break up will be extremely intense and hard to control. Intense feelings of anger, sadness, rage, depression etc will all come frequently to you, decreasing in intensity as time goes on. You can deal with these emotions alone without letting anyone else know what you are going through. Pick up a pillow and start hitting it against the wall as hard as you can. In fact, if you can, punch a wall repeatedly. Do push ups, or any other physically strenuous activity until you begin to feel the intense negative emotions draining out of you along with your strength.

3. Get rid of anything your ex left behind

If there are any objects that belonged to your ex lying around in your house, it will be impossible to move on. So throw away any object that he/she may have owned and left behind in your house. There is no need to store your ex’s objects in a box under your bed to look at whenever you want to remember her. This is counterproductive. So gather all his/her possessions and put them in the trash.

4. Distract yourself

Get busy doing things that will take your mind off from the break up. If you spend all day feeling sad and remembering the times spent with your ex, you will simply be wasting your time and recovery duration. So get your mind off of your ex and get busy doing anything. Play video games, do carpentry, etc etc. Do anything to keep your mind off her/him, and over time, you won’t feel so bad.

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