Removing Blood Stains from Clothing


The surface of fabrics is mostly sensitive and any kind of blood spilled from a minor scratch to a major injury can stain the clothing almost permanently. The hemoglobin factors in our blood along with a few other elements stick to the fabric firmly when exposed to air. This makes the blood bind itself to that specific area of clothing. The ability of blood to clot together on a surface is vital in healing injuries and this makes our task of removing the stain far more difficult.

It doesn’t matter how much you try, every once in a while you will probably suffer from an injury and end up spilling drops of blood on your clothing. These stains are difficult to remove, but if done properly and within the right time, these stains can be removed. All you need are some regular kitchen ingredients and instructions about how to utilize these home remedies for blood stain removal. I’ll be enlightening you with a few of the top treatments for blood stain removal from fabrics:

Keep it Cold:

The first step you need to take while dealing with a blood stained cloth, whether the stain is new or old, should be to keep it wet in cold water under a tap. This shall help in loosening up the proteins that form the stain in the first plain. Do not use hot water as it makes the stain more firm and difficult to remove.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

After soaking the fabric in cold water for more than half an hour, the water should have dissolved as much blood as possible. Don’t soak the whole fabric in the water but only the stained area. Remove the garment when the water becomes completely tinted. Change the water to a clean supply for removing the stain completely.

Now use hydrogen peroxide to rinse the fabric as long as the stain starts to fade out. A soaked towel can also be used in this case to make contact with hydrogen peroxide. Harder stains may fade by this technique but i assure you that all mild stains will be completely removed.

If the stain is still visible, use soap or laundry detergent to form a perfect bubble bath for washing it off. Use a soft toothbrush or clean shoe brush to rub the stained area. Refrain from being too harsh on the clothing surface if you don’t wish to tear it.


Whether you get a blood stain from your period or cut yourself while shaving, this is the easiest and quickest remedy to treat your blood stain. You shall act immediately in such cases and these blood stains are comparatively easier to remove in the first few hours as compared to when they settle in.

If you notice the stain before it settles in your clothing, treat it quickly with full-strength white vinegar. Pour as much as a cup of vinegar on the stained area and let it soak for more than 10 minutes in it. Blot well with another clothing after this. Repeat the process until the stain fades away.


WD-40 is an essential for every home’s garage. It is vital in pre-treating blood stains along with its benefits for the household mechanics. Spray it directly on the stains and wait for a few minutes before laundering the clothes as usual. The spray will help remove the stain by lifting it up from the surface of clothing. Try to do the spraying when the stain is still fresh because if it binds to the clothing, removing it would become pretty difficult by any method. WD-40 can be used to remove any kind of stain


Whether it is bed sheets, your jeans or the table linens, you can remove the stains using this method. All you need to keep in mind is that acting early and quickly is the key here.

Mix cold water with cornstarch to form a paste. Cover the stained spot with the paste and rub it gently, not too hard to keep the fabric safe. Now place the clothing in a sunny area so that it dries off early. Brush off the remaining material once the cloth it dry. Repeat the process until the stain completely fades away.

Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer:

Before you execute this technique, treat the stain with a good quality window cleaner to make it week before laundering. Now create a thick mixture of unseasoned meat tenderizer along with water. Apply this paste to the stained area gently. The process here is carried out by enzymes present in the tenderizer; they break down the blood stain proteins.

Now soak the stained area in salt water or a solution which is used to clean eye lenses. Keep it in milk afterwards before laundering. These steps will give you the best possible stain removal results now allowing any chance of survival to the stains.

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