Six Tips to Prevent Pimples on Your Face

Six Tips to Prevent Pimples on Your Face

Face is the prominent part of the human body. A healthy human keep his face clean to avoid from skin diseases like pimples, acne etc. In most of the cases pimples appear on the face due to unhygienic habits.  However if you have pimples on your face and you want to get rid of them, there are few things you must try. Here in this article we discuss some important tips to help you to prevent from pimples on your face.

1. Always keep your face clean

Regularly washing your face is one of the most important ways to keep your face free from pimples. Wash your face twice or thrice a day with some good anti bacterial soap. In this way any dirt, oil and dead cells are removed from the face thus, reducing the chance of further growing of pimples.

2. Keep your hands away from your face

Try not to touch your hands with the face. Because pimples may spread in this way. Also don’t try to pop or wipe the pimple with your hand, this can increase irritation and May severe the problem.

3. Eat well

Try to eat healthy foods such as eating grains, vegetables and fruits. These food help in keeping your face healthy and fresh and also prevent from the chances of developing pimples. Avoid eating oily and junk foods because they may damage your face and skin.

4. Use the ice method

According to research, applying ice on your affected area on the face, will remove the oil and dirt particles thus reliving from the pain and pimples. For better results put an ice cube in the cloth and gently press on your face. Does this practice every day to stay away from pimples.

5. Apply honey

Using honey on your face prevent you from developing pimples and also a good treatment for pimples. Honey is a natural antiseptic that soothes and heals the skin. The antioxidant present in the honey will help to reduce the inflammation on the skin and thus make it pimple-free.

6. Try lemons

Lemons are natural treatment for getting rid of pimples, just like honey. Lemon juice reduces the oil, kill bacteria and also reduce the redness and remove pimple scars.

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