The Difference Between TV Series and Movies

The Difference Between TV Series and Movies

In current times, the mediums of television and the Internet have revolutionized the film and television show industries. Shows and movies are one of the most influential medium. Although they are both basically the same thing. They both consist of scripts, costumes, production, sets, actors, story, directors, light and audio technicians, etc etc. The aim of both series and movie makers is to capture the imagination of the audience and draw them in and make them keep watching till the end of the episode or the movie. This is where the similarities between them end. Read on to learn how different television series and movies are.

Some basic differences between shows and movies

Movies are a one time production, even if some movies get some more sequels, they are still individually one off productions. This lets the audience get to see their favorite actors in some interesting story for an average of 90 minutes only.

On the other hand, Television series such as soap operas, are developed as a way to earn money by showing advertisements. In recent years however, television shows have vastly improved in quality and now they are as good as, or in some cases, better than many high quality movies.

Format and duration

The most basic difference between shows and movies is how they are shot and in what format they are shot. Movies are shot in 70mm, while TV shows are made for small television screens instead of large cinema screens, so they are usually shot in 35mm. Typically, the average duration of a television show episode depends upon its popularity. It can be a 30 minute episode or a 60 minute episode (including the advertisements). Asides from being easy to consume in short episodes of 30 minutes, if a TV series is good and popular enough, it might go on for several more seasons, telling a large and detailed story that a typical 90 minute movie can never do. With such a long time to tell a story, TV shows can intricately and intimately let us know about the lives, feelings, motives etc of all the main characters of the show. We can get to learn and see their backgrounds and what happened to them to make them the person they currently are in the show.

On the other hand, movies don’t have the luxury to spend a lot of time devoted to teaching the audience the back story of the main characters. Instead, movies typically spend only about 10 to 15 minutes to set up the context of the story and its characters. Some movies do try to show the audience more material and that is why some of the greatest movies of all time are 3 to 4 hours long.

Decreasing costs

In the recent past, it was very costly to make a good quality movie. However, as technology has advanced and recording high quality videos has become cheaper, there is now a large number of high quality movies as well as very high quality TV shows. So nowadays, both TV series as well as shows are equally significant in terms of the earnings the actors get and the overall return on investment is good for both movies and shows.

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