Valentine Day Party Themes and Ideas for Adults


The idea of red balloons and disco lights at a Valentine’s Day party is pretty old school now I must say. You need to come up with new themes and ideas for throwing a modern day party. Find ways to stand out and make the occasion more attractive for your friends circle. These are the moments when all of us get an opportunity to express our love towards people we love. The best and most exciting treat at parties like these is for singles. You are very certain to find your match in the dim lights if your name is on the singles list.Do not forget to set a desired budget before you start planning. This way you won’t exceed your limit and the party won’t come heavy on your pocket.

These parties should at the same time entertain couples properly. There is a common misconception about marriage that when a couple starts living together and do things in routine together, the excitement fades away. People think it just gets too main stream and the excitement dies. I would like to disagree with this. In my own experience, the excitement will only die if you allow it to die. Constant motivation for this can be attained by looking at your partner and remembering why you fell for them in the first place. You should start from scratch and plan every bit with their respective alternate plans. So that if anything goes wrong, you’ll have an alternative option. Here is my list of tips on how you can manage a perfectly planned Valentine’s Day party along with some theme ideas.

Single’s Theme Valentine’s Day Party:

It doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this festival of love if you haven’t found your match yet. Single people can also celebrate Valentine’s Day. You may organize a singles only party on this night. Moreover, it is a perfect opportunity if you’re single yourself. It shall give you a chance to interact with new people and get to know people from the opposite gender as well. This shall be your opportunity to cut down the shyness you have while interacting with your counter gender. You should approach anyone you find attractive and get to know them as much as you can. You can ask all your friends to join the party and make it more fun for all coming to attend. The colours that represent valentines are pink, red or white. So you could pick a specific colour as your theme. All the guests should wear the same coloured dresses to make the evening even better.

Opposite Themed Valentine’s Day Party:

The other obvious option for you is to organize the party by setting opposite themes for males and females. All you would need is to decide two colours, take a vote from your friends about them and pick the one winner for each gender. Most preferably, ladies get to dress up in pink while men take cover under black or white dresses. You may also ask them to bring their pets along and light up the evening even more. Pets could be dressed in cute little dresses following the theme. Everything in this kind of theme needs to be in couples. So try your best to place a counterpart with every item that comes in sight. Activities like musical chair or dance battles can be arranged by taking votes from the audience at the party.

Celebrity Themed Valentine’s Party:

You’ll have to ask all the guests coming to attend the party to dress up as famous celebrities. The party can be for couples or singles depending upon your choice. They may dress up as famous movie couples, cartoon character or even comic series heroes. Batman/cat-woman, superman/wonder-woman and Shah Jahan/ Mumtaz are a few common and most popular options. This will give the night a whole new aura. Also it will fade out the idea of a coloured theme and you won’t have to decorate according to colours which may come as a plus for you.

70’s Themed Valentine’s Party:

This is also a very formidable option for a party that would look different from other parties. You can set a theme according to your favourite era of music or movies. You’ll play popular songs from the decade throughout the party. Also a friend of yours shall compile a romantic playlist before starting the party so that you won’t have to find and play new songs now and then. This won’t disturb your party plans and would also allow the guests to enjoy perfect music. An atmosphere needs to be created filled with romantic vibes and dim lights. Try your very best to provide the guests with every possible opportunity to mingle and have the best night of their lives.

Married People Only:

This is also an option if you are an older person and want friends from your age group that are married to attend the party and express their love to their better half. There is a common misconception about marriage that the romance fades out as soon as both husband and wife get involved into their regular routines. Valentines is the perfect opportunity for all the husbands and wives to go against the world and show that the rumour about faded lover after marriage is totally wrong. Organizing activities for couples such as quizzes based upon their married life shall be quite enough to bring the feelings of love up and running.

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