Valentine’s Gift Ideas for a Newly Married Husband


Valentine’s Day is the ultimate stage for millions of lovers around the globe to express their feelings to the fullest. They may or may not have done it before. Many do it for the first time and bless St Valentine, not a lot get turned down on this night. Valentine’s Day is an all couple holiday. Whether married or not, this day gives memories to couples that they cherish for years to come.

There is a common misconception about marriage that the romance fades out as soon as both husband and wife get involved into their regular routines. People think it just gets too mainstream and the excitement dies. I would like to disagree with this.

In my own experience, the excitement will only die if you allow it to die. Constant motivation for this can be attained by looking at your partner and remembering why you fell for them in the first place.

Think of when they looked most attractive. With more responsibilities comes more stress and anxiety. Also with children and their responsibility burdens it might seem impossible to find some romantic time together. But then again, its only impossible as long as you think it is.

Valentine’s Day is the opportunity for you defy all the odds and do something special for your better half. They may be expecting it, so be it. It is the occasion for all couples to come together and that is exactly what you should do.

You can light up the dark sad story your relationship has turned into. This shall also help both of you in realizing how important it really is to keep doing something special for each other from time to time. It makes the other person realize their value and the place they hold in your life.

For instance if its just been over a year since you get married. Your husband might be expecting something special from you. All you need to do is overcome the expectations he has by all means. You could do this by picking a perfect valentine’s gift. Here is a catalog of perfect valentine’s gifts you could give to your husband:

A Perfectly Romantic Dinner

This may be the oldest one in the books but sometimes a few candle lights, red roses and chilled champagne is all that is required to complete the surprise. This dinner may be expected by your husband but you can improvise on it by adding stuff to it he never imagined. Do it like you have never done it before. Show him how versatile you can be with surprises. Preparing your husband’s favorite meal would be a little predictable. So you should prepare a little bit of everything he likes to eat from starter to the dessert. Add a touch to the night about something that shall remind of a perfect moment you guys once had. Such as your wedding day or the first date you had. Play the song which was playing in the car on your first long drive.

A Special Drink

You can make a drink for the both of you. On this special occasion, you can pinch in different drinks to make one for your own so that you shall remember at as your own forever. You may drink it together on all special occasions to come. It can be named whatever you want it to be because you’ll have all the copyrights here. All this shall happen only if it turns out to be successful and tasty. So give it your best shot.


More than 90% men these days adore the latest gadgets. It’s just a difference of taste between them. The reason is pretty simple. Every man was once a boy. But be careful here about your husband’s choice particularly. You need to be specific about it. Knowing what he likes the most and then knowing what he currently wants the most. For example, if you’re husband is a gaming freak and the latest play station gaming console just came out. From another view if he already has a console, look for the latest games that are out and ask him casually which ones does he like the most? This shall surprise him the most because not all women are much into gadgets. Get some help from his friends if you may but chose the perfect gift. It can be a beats blue tooth headset or an apple watch, you just have to choose rightly.

Wrist Watch

While the world moves at such rapid paste with developing new gadgets as each day passes by, real men still cannot help but dream of the most classic wrist watches. They may seem to be an expensive present but trust me they shall be worth every penny. An Omax or Rolex may be your husband’s childhood dream. So you better start saving before February comes around.

For people more into sports, you should improvise on your choices. Go for a strong edifice G-Shock to make the statement. This is the one present that can never go wrong if your husband has even the tiniest bit of interest in wrist watches. Also this is the type of present he’ll surely find highly useful in daily routine.

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