Valentine’s Party Game Ideas for Couples


Valentine’s Day is the ultimate celebration of love. The day can be made more special by organizing a party or planning something special for your life partner. When organizing a party you can think of a long list of ideas of how you can make it special for your spouse. One of the most common twists that can be added to a valentine’s party is playing exciting games based upon couples only. These games can be perfect couple building activities. They can aid in giving a new life to your long lost feelings of love for your partner.

Another good thing about couple games is that they give you an opportunity to know your partner better. You may have to guess or tell things about your better halves that have never been said before. All the skills, hobbies and efforts your partner does can be a part of those games. There are hundreds of ideas that people use in their parties. These games can be played by married or unmarried people. I’ll be mentioning the party couple games that are most liked and played in my opinion.

The “Do You Know Your Partner?” Game:

This game is the most common and worldly known when it comes to couple games at parties. Not only valentines but this game is played at anniversary parties and similar different occasions as well. It is more fun when played by the newly wed. You would have often seen this game on television. What you have to do being the host is to ask more than one couple to come to the front and sit against each other. Prepare a set of questions to ask them before the party. The questions can be general, about personality or living style, especially habits. For example, what is your husband’s favourite song? Or what is your wife’s favourite dessert?

Give them the question papers and a time frame to answer it. Make them sit back to back while answering the questions. Before you start revealing the answers, the audience can get a vote on which couple will win the game. The couple which gets most answers right is declared winner in this game. You being the host shall prepare a set of prizes as well before the party games start. The winning couple shall be awarded the prize and those who participated also need to be given goodies as a good gesture.

“Don’t Forget the Lyrics” Game:

Before the party starts you’ll have to do some preparation for this game. The only thing you need is a basket filled with paper slips that have a single word written on them. All the words shall be related to couples, love or relationships. Rotate the basket with music and when the music stops, the person having the basked at that time picks one of the slips and reads it. The word on that slip is which the person has to sing a song with. This game can be done in form of teams or men against women. You can fake the song but if the other team calls claim, points shall be detected. You get a point for each song and can play for as long as you want. Just make sure nobody is connected to the internet or searching lyrics.

The “Rhyme Time” Game:

You’ll need multiple sets of cards for this game. On one type of cards you’ll write all the good words about relationships, the sweet ones. For example love, kisses, kindness etc. While on the other type of cards you shall write all the negative things and realities of relationships or the things couples hate about each other.

When the game starts, hand each partner two different sets of cards and they have to pick one by one from each set to collect a set of words. From those words, the person has to compose a poem or song for their opposite half. After they are done, they swap their paper with their partner and one by one read it out loud. The results are pretty funny.

The “Clothing Swap” Game:

You’ll need multiple wardrobes in one place for this game. You can collect clothes from friends and mix them up with clothes found at your own home or just go to a second hand clothing store and grab a lot of clothes that you could sell back after a while. Renting them would also be a good option.

Put every dressing item you possess into one giant box whether they are shirts, shorts gloves or undies etc. You’ll also need a watch to keep time of the activity. Both members from a couple come forward and they are given a specific amount of time. In that time, they have to find a perfect match of clothes from that box and dress up as their opposite gender and then they rush back to their position. They have to remove each other’s clothes that they just wore, the faster couple to do that wins.

To make the game more interesting you shall consider adding a lot of female undergarments to the box so that men have to wear it all.

The “Love is Blind” Game:

This is one of the most entertaining games for the audience to watch. Men and women are separated at the start of this game. They are both blindfolded. Now both the gender groups are put into a confined space, a room mostly. Now each person has to find their partner and beat the timer. Make sure the room has enough space to fit everyone and that there is no furniture so that nobody trips and injures themselves.

The first couple to find each other wins.

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